By kenbez123 - 14/08/2013 07:55 - Malta - Santa Venera

Today, I found my elderly neighbour on all fours in my garden eating my flowers. FML
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kenbez123 tells us more.

The neighbour in question was male. No he was not naked (thank god). When he noticed me he just ran off back to his house.

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Vegetarian I guess?

Might want to assist them in getting checked for dementia or something


Vegetarian I guess?

The lack of rhubarb comments is quite startling.


dont be scared go pet the elderly person

#38 what if they bite

Some people have weird fetishes...

@56 Not to worry, you can't bite without teeth.

Either they really actually can't afford food or a way to get to a store, or they might be having mental problems. Either way, giving them a sandwich is a nice gesture.

#68 my son has no teeth and "bites" me hard with his gums while he breastfeeds. And it hurts. He also "bites" my fingers, toes. Anything he can get in his mouth.

That would be a crazy sight to see

Might want to assist them in getting checked for dementia or something

To be fair, many different flowers are edible and quite tasty.

*sigh* I was hoping I actually wouldn't have to put a list. Here are a few: chamomile, dandelion, jasmine, hibiscus, rose, lavender, squash blossoms, and yucca. You can cook them and eat them in different ways. If you've ever had a flower tea, you've ingested properties of flowers. I shouldn't even have to talk about the famous spice: saffron.

It's okay Welshite, as a tea fanatic, I understood you.

You can also make wine. My mum use to make wine from dandelion and rose hips

Admittedly, eating flowers hasn't sounded so appetising when you put it that way. Might have a quick snack on some orchids.

Yes. We did that as kids also. Sadly, I would never let my kids do that cause of all the pesticide use. I don't know how I managed to survive as we didn't exactly know what kind of flowers we got after. Probably could have been poisonous.

31, *sigh* I didn't see anyone begging for a list.

78, 31 put a list because when he posted his first comment he was being down voted, so he thought he'd clarify what he meant.

I am not looking forward to the day I go senile...

Make sure your neighbour is ok!!):

I think it's pretty safe to say the neighbour is not ok...

I kmow she isn't ok, as 2 said she might have dementia and her familgy might not even know she's out and about. So I was simply implying to make sure she knows where she is and if she's doing ok.

Mm tasty, I love to chomp down on a good rose or even gardenia occasionally. Doesn't everyone do that??

I'm more of a daffodil person. Layers of flowery goodness

Stop it. You're making my mouth water...

We use to suck the nectar out of certain flowers

#52, i remember in my childhood house we had wild honeysuckle plants that we'd eat the honey that was inside.

me too! honeysuckle!

This made me think of that PowerPuff Girls episode where they all turn to dogs... For whatever reason. xD

Careful, do not disturb the elderly while they are grazing.

That sure will give a new meaning to the saying "smells like roses"

At least you know if she runs out of food she will never go hungry.

She needs help op. sounds like she has mental issues. :/

You said your neighcow?

Neighcow? Sounds like a weird horse-cow.