By FUCK.THIS.JOB. - 08/07/2013 05:57 - Finland - Helsinki

Today, I politely asked a man to not sleep on a tram stop that I had to clean. He got up, and while I leaned forward to pick up some trash from the ground nearby, I felt a warm stream on my back. Now I can't get the smell of urine off my clothes. FML
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allyrn13 12

Try vinegar! It should do the trick. This coming from experience with 2 little ones.


Pwn17 25

The "urine trouble" joke used to be funny, but it got old... It's like the new "shitty situation."

Hm. Just seemed to fit the situation since she said urine. It just felt right hahha.

Pwn17 25

It's nothing against you personally- I used to say it too, but I'm just kinda getting tired of it, that's all.

Don't be so pissy #19. Remember the golden rule and shower #1 with warm liquid peeraise!

Good Lord, this thread is like an massive accumulation of shit.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

42: I guess you could say it's a shi- *Punches self in face*

Shit, I meant *a massive, not an. Guess I just added to the pile.

In his eyes you weren't all that polite. Kicking him out of bed. How rude.

I was in no way serious. But hey, you win some you lose some.

That doesn't mean you have to pee on someone

daniellenb22 4

exactly u should have cleaned around him

Thats not cool. I hope you dealt with him properly. Tommorow is a new day OP.

How would you deal with someone who pissed on you properly?

Start hysterically yelling like a crazy person. Might work.

Piss on them back or escalate the situation to ******** on them?

8313girl 28

If someone pissed on me, I'd push him onto the damn track. That's how pissed off I'd be.

Thats because it's always turned on MY bum, Noor. ...Wait.

allyrn13 12

Try vinegar! It should do the trick. This coming from experience with 2 little ones.

And if it's REALLY bad, put your pee clothes in the washer alone with regular detergent, a cup each of vinegar and baking soda. Wash them with the above mixture then re-wash with detergent and some fabric softner. Should be smelling good as new.

Well that's rude. I mean, I guess I'd be sort of cranky/irritable myself if I had to sleep on something like that, but pissing down someone's back is uncalled for.