By Dead_Fox - 21/11/2012 05:48 - United States - Jonesboro

Today, I had a sex dream, which I interrupted by having an OCD-induced panic attack because apparently we weren't using protection. My brain won't even let me enjoy the fantasy action I get in my sleep. FML
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is it even possible to cockblock yourself?

OCD or not, using a condom is always a good thing.


OCD or not, using a condom is always a good thing.

SenselessPattern 12

Protection is especially important in dreams to prevent dream-herpes. Just be glad the woman in your dream didn't turn into a shark or tree shredder halfway through.

perdix 29

It's always a wise thing, but it's never a good thing.

Protection is also extremely important when being mind ******. Some people have really dirty minds....

I agree with 18 here... it's definitely the more sensible thing to do, but god they don't half ruin it... they feel shit.

gmaniac93 7

Haha, well thats a DICK move on your part, thats gotta SUCK.

unknown_user5566 26

33- Then you must love unexpected pregancies and STD's!

mduffy08 8

15 - I remember when I was diagnosed with dream AIDS, then I woke up.

33- you must get that from your parents, huh?

I have to say YDI because even though OCD typically isn't by choice, if it's this serious that you can't even enjoy a dam sex dream you're clearly not dealing with it, and that is your fault.

94 It's not an OCD. I have OP's problem when writing "erotic literature."

is it even possible to cockblock yourself?

Definitely. The following can usually do the trick: -Insulting your partner. -Farting -Sticking it in the wrong hole. -Menstration. -Pointing out, that there is a way hotter guy/girl to sleep with. -Reading FML's when you should be paying attention to your partner.

Saying "I love you *insert sisters name*"

unknown_user5566 26

49- I think #20 meant that as a self-"****"block for a woman.

Yes. Wear one of the hats with the propeller on top. Or use "Swag" and "Yolo".... Surefire **** blocks

I would totally do a guy with a propellor cap tho

#73 - In that case, look me up, eh. I'll spin you right round ;)

lhazz11 23

Well, at least we know you'll use it in real life:)

Or you could just wear one to bed. Problem solved.

Better than having sexual relations with a rubber duck.

Look at it as a warning or a prophecy for the future...

I had a dream where I became batman and king of russia in the same day. Can I look at mine as a prophecy?

Dream? That is pretty much vladimir putin's life summed up. I don't think I've ever once seen that guy turn around to look at an awesome explosion behind him. Not once..

Well now you can't become batman because you blew your future secret identity :/

By the way it's a reference to the guy who hit his nut on the table. He hit them three times.

Schizomaniac 24

Practicing safe habits pays off, kids are expensive...

challan 19

That's a good thing OP! Tomorrow night you may have dreamt you were a guest on Maury! You are the dream father!!

I think you have to learn the difference between OCD and common sense. Not wanting to have sex without a condom isn't an abnormal disorder- it's very reasonable. The panic attack sucks though.

9, people do self diagnose, but it could genuinely be OCD. I have OCD induced dreams about events in my life I cannot control and obsess over incessantly (it's been diagnosed).