By AHole - 21/11/2012 14:03 - United States - Grand Forks

Today, the car in front of me in the drop-off area at my son's school parked, and the driver got out. I basically leaned on my horn and gave her every dirty look in the book. She said nothing but stared at me as she opened the back of her van to unload her child's wheelchair. I'm an asshole. FML
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I bet other mothers are way better then OP... Perhaps this was just a one time thing OP but think before you act next time!!!

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People wrongly use the drop-off area all the time(they did at my old high school). That was just bad luck, OP. At least you feel bad about it. That makes you less of an asshole :)

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Its not like you knew though, you're impatient indeed thats for sure.

49, sorry didn't realize, but not to be mean or anything, FML isn't a spelling site but I will do better next time :)

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How naive these young ones are.

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I'm gonna go with: come ON people! You all get to sit here with 20/20 hindsight when you all know that you'd have done the exact samt thing! A stressed out parent trying to deliver her kid(s) to school sees someone parking in the drop-off area and does not notice that there just MIGHT be a wheelchair (or maybe a discreet handicap sticker) involved? As others say, once OP found out the real reason, she felt bad, as any other good person making an honest mistake would do. One could also make the argument that the mother of the wheelchair kid should have found a handicap spot for unloading, instead of using the "quickly stop your car and let the kids out, then move the f*ck outta here"-drop off space. Just sayin'

Actually... A lot of people don't have 20/20 vision.

And that's the first step to fixing a problem.

And being a disabled person myself, OP is indeed a giant ass. Learn to be patient with those who aren't so able-bodied. Learn to be patient in general.

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She is patient with those who are disabled. she just didn't know.. Usually people use these area to park when they're not suppose to just so they don't have to walk. She had no idea the woman was unloading her disabled child till she saw it. And it sounds like ops feels horrible about it.

40, No, she is not, people park there all the time for a "moment" op had every right to do that. Also she has to have special tags for her child anyway, so she deserves it.

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42-- that doesn't make her behavior ok! She should be more patient and kind

Who says she doesn't have special tags? You're all assuming that she has no stickers or anything on her car, but maybe OP simply didn't see them because she was too busy being an asshole. If you are so busy that you can't wait a few seconds to see if someone has a legitimate reason for doing something before losing your shit, then you need to loosen up your schedule a bit.

183- basically what I tried to say, but I messed up.

And that's why we should all take a second to consider our actions

Always give it a few seconds before you go honking. People are always honking prematurely.

Patience is a need to work on that OP. Maybe next time you will be more patient ...let's hope.

You shoulda saw that one coming!

How could you possibly see that coming?

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Handicap license thingy (you know what I'm talking about)

Cumming* Sorry, I can be immature...sure that isn't news to anyone. Haha

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U didn't know it was an accident it happens all the time

Indeed, it happens all the time that stupid people act rude. No need to defend them.

People shouldn't get so worked up over little things like that. So you have to wait an extra minute or two. Big ******* deal.

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That was directed towards happle

It's still stupid and rude. The car horn is not a dislike button to be used to vent your displeasure. It's meant to be a warning system. Acting like an arrogant idiot in this situation could've done more harm than good. Example: confused kid stops walking to find the noise source while distracted driver does the same = accident. What if it wasn't a handicapped child but child-safe doors? OP had no way of knowing why the woman got out of the car and blaring the horn was unnecessary in just about any way this scenario would've played out.

Crap I hit the wrong arrow thumb... Sorry man! I totally agree!

It's just a saying. I thought it would have sounded weird if I only wrote half of it, so I left the "me" part on.

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I just put myself in your shoes and felt so awkward/horrible. FYL

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Once again, here you are, giving a shit. Come on! Give me something to work with here! Honey badger fraud!

Give her the benefit of the doubt! She didn't know!

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No it's not, people park there all the time for a "moment" op had every right to do that. Also she has to have special tags for her child anyway, so she deserves it.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

91- I'm sorry, but no, OP did not have the right to act like an asshole because the woman parked her car.

91, Are you expecting the disabled kid to get out and get their own wheelchair just so the mother doesn't 'park'? You're damn near as much of a prick as the OP. If people weren't so quick to assume and be impatient and intolerant we'd have far fewer of these kinds of situations.

But then we wouldn't have these kinds of FMLs :)

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91- you posted the same exact thing a few comments up. Doesn't make you look any better this time.

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You could of waited patiently. You have set a bad example for your kid and for the other mothers too. You have a son you should of learned to be patient a long time ago. Or maybe you could have gone around her.

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I apologize. I am not used to should have, or could have.

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You know its funny your quick to judge cause put in the same situation during a bad day that could have easely happen to u so wuit judging others u aint better

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114: *it's *you're *because, put *easily *happened *you *quit *you *aren't any better.

58 - you're "not used to should have or could have", and yet you wrote "could have" at the end of your first comment.

Why are you guys all picking on each others grammar? It's like you're all in the first grade showing off who can spell better.

We're teaching. Because if we don't correct their mistakes now, then they won't be corrected at all and when it comes to writing something important, like a résumé (CV), then if they have a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes they're going to look like a complete idiot. It's for the greater good. We're helping ;) That's my excuse anyway.

Patience is a virtue. ... Just kidding. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.