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Today, while working at Dairy Queen, a customer asked me what was so special about our ice cream cakes, and how they're different from regular cakes. I chuckled, and told her it's because they're made from ice cream. She threw a fit, which resulted in me being written up and sent home early. FML
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who doesnt know what an icecream cake is? I mean, the explination is in the name yeah?

I guess she likes to scream for ice cream.


who doesnt know what an icecream cake is? I mean, the explination is in the name yeah?

lexiieeex3 32

I worked at Dairy Queen the summer after my senior year of high school and once had a woman complain that her ice cream was melting. I told her that if she leaves ice cream out long enough, it melts. She didn't understand that concept and complained to my manager, who promptly yelled at me for angering a customer. I feel your pain OP.

Erm, other than it has Ice cream in which is just an assumption I have no idea. They don't exist over here.

This reminds me once while I was serving this lady asked for water and later complained cause it was wet

kingdomgirl94 29

its a cake made of ice cream. Ice cream cake.

30 - At least she didn't ask what water taste like. I had that happen once.

There are such thing as stupid questions.

19- I don't know why so many managers have no backbone. :/

Yup, the stupid customer strikes again. What is the world coming to?

#75. "There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid people" can't revert where I heard that but it's pretty true :P

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87-i can understand that, but a lot of managers don't do it for show, they actually write up or punish employees for things like that. keeping the customer happy is fine, but you shouldn't shit on your employees to do it.

I once worked in a grocery store as a cashier and a man came in and asked me if we had a produce section. The way the store was set up, he literally had to walk through 8 rows of vegetables before reaching me. There is little hope for some.

SynysterNero 20

You think that's bad? Once when I worked retail I had a woman accuse me of using my cash register to steal money from her bank account and keep it for myself. Her debit card had insufficient funds and the manager had to call the cops to stop her little fit.

Unfortunately OP there will always be stupid people who say stupid things

And unfortunately there are managers who are oblivious to the fact that most customers are idiots. I personally think the manager is worse than the customer in this situation.

chlorinegreen 27

I don't know. Sometimes I think managers feel like they have to do SOMETHING even if it is stupid, just so they won't lose the customer.

mvc3ftw 17

It's that "Customer is Always Right" crap. Customers can be idiots,but they are the ones with the money. Sometimes you have to deal with those kind of people.just part of the job.

mvc3ftw 17

and by "those kind of people" I mean people who look for any reason to start an argument, no matter how stupid the reason.

I thought the ice cream was layered in the cake in ice cream cakes? I didn't know they made entire cakes out of ice cream?!

chlorinegreen 27

They have like a crunchy brownie type thing in the middle? Maybe that's what you were thinking?

I have seen one ice cream cake that had layers of ice cream and actual cake, but the ones I'm used to are all ice cream with frosting and crunchies in the middle.

I don't understand why she threw a fit.

A guy once threw a fit at me for not being able to make 3 drinks within 5 minutes at my workplace. Each drink takes 3-4 minutes to make...

I was thinking maybe a Guinness? You have to let them sit for a while or something. That being said, it would have been easy to pour three of them and let them all set together. That's my guess.

Scynistr 20

A personal theory of mine, having worked in more than one fast-food restaurant, seems to be that some people's maturity level just locks in once they turn six years old. The "Customer is Always Right" policy doesn't really play in the favor of the workers, rather the companies themselves. As long as they continue to get money from the customers, why would they give a damn about "punishing" an easily replaceable staff member who they have to pay to keep around? If I'm perceived to be losing money for the restaurant because a particular customer happens to be ridiculously imbecilic, I'm obviously the root cause. Oh, God Bless America, right?

98 - I think you're missing the point. By chuckling at the customer you made them feel bad which is never good customer service. In the future if you can't present yourself in a professional manner to customers request all future employers to keep you in the back so you won't run into this problem.

105- Suuuure, act professional every single day, all day long. Why don't I just replace you with a robot? It'd be much cheaper than keeping you around, pretending you're a robot. You've never worked in the food- or customer service industries, have you?

I chuckled because the answer was in the question. I really wouldn't say that minimum wage is worth sacrificing a sense of humor over. It's not like I was intentionally insulting them, I actually thought that the customer was joking, and I responded to their question with as much sincerity as I could muster for such a ridiculous question.

107 - I have worked in the food service industry. However if you think that buying a robot that costs hundreds of thousands to possibly millions of dollars is cheaper than hiring some teenager for minimum wage it's clear you really don't have much experience in general. Also acting professional is far from being a "robot". Go back to school, or pay more attention rather being a rebellious teen against "the man", and become one when you're a bit more educated. It will help you win your arguments.... 109 - of course minimum wage is worth acting professional, you can keep your sense of humor by all means but if you want to move further in life and not just do minimum wage you have to start from the bottom and work your way up... I don't mean to judge by looks but from your profile picture it's clear you're very young and by having "multiple food service" jobs in the past as you put it, and by your behavior and lack of understanding the problem in the fml it leads one to believe that this isn't the first time you've been written up... You need to act professional so when you apply for a much better job and they contact previous employers you have stunning reviews, or it's going to be hard to move up...

It's like she just realized her whole life is a lie and she'll never see ice cream cakes the same way ever again.

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lexiieeex3 32

You don't understand the implications of being written up, do you?

And being sent home early. Most of us work for money and being sent home early means a smaller paycheck.

Oh the wonderful life of being a cashier....well anywhere