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Today, I went on a blind date. It was going well until I brought up my views on politics. He then told me to shut up because women were incapable of intelligent thought. Then he asked if I wanted to go back to his place and have sex. FML
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thanx guys! 8D he is a jerk, glad you agree. And to RyeBreadBoy, I do have smart views on politics ( wow that sentence does not sound right, oh well). I'm just as smart as you, and I have intellegent ideas.

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Urgh, some men just can't cope with the idea that sometimes women are smarter than them

They say there are two things you should never discuss on a first date: politics and religion. Nothing gets people riled up more. Maybe next time wait awhile. I agree, this guy was a douche, but what if next time you bring up your views and piss off someone you genuinely like? If he hasn't had a chance to get to know you yet, he might not overlook your differing opinions and give it a shot.


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Should have said 'yes' and chopped off the little prick.

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that guy is such a sexist. say no, but slap him in the face and punch his balls. I hate it when guys think they're better, and smarter, than women. third

#4 summed it up ^^ I certainly hope you went home with him and had sex, then made dinner, the laundry and the ironing, rubbed his back; just to make sure you feel like a real woman. And don't you dare have another 'thought' out loud like that. Know your place.

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Physical violence is worse than sexism.

At #10: Agreed. He was just speaking his mind after all. Maybe you people who call him names like "sexist" and "bigot" need to be more open minded. You should accept all peoples views.

Yeah...I'm pretty sure #10 was being sarcastic. So. You know.

YDI for being so pathetic that you need to result to blind dates.

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Here, let me help you on this one, "Go **** yourself."

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its not an FML if its true. look at sarah palin

narrow-minded people like you are the reason other people kill other a jackass

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This guy wins at life, I wish I was him.

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Go be a feminazi somewhere else. Educated people don't want to hear it.

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get a clue #150 this isnt the 1800s you just cant help it that most women are smarter than men

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#167-women are smarter than men? cmon...think about that one really, really, realllllly hard. cuz we all kno thats just not true. and then go do whatever women shoe shopping or something.

I think you mean "resort." Try not to let your lack of language skills show when you call someone else "pathetic."

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Yeah me too. why do thiey think they are better. they should know they are better

Generaly sexist women are worse than sexist men. I think its because most sexist women are idiots as well, while most sexist men(I know at least) are just tired of putting up with idiotic sexist women

all bitches rightly bow down to men, that is their role. if the man so wishes it, he shall then throatfuck her to give her another purpose in life. moral of the story: females are there to do the bidding of the superior males. YDI for being a female. ****

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Excuse Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! R U FRICKING CRAZY #211

I pointedly disagree, 18. What an ass. Sure you don't need us to tell you to stay away from him.

He's right now stop pretending like you know politics, give him a ********, and make him a sammich!!!

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Well appearantly #172 has problems too

Shut the **** up. a person's gender does not determine their knowledge. If they like shoe shopping (a stereo type) or not, who the **** cares!?

They say there are two things you should never discuss on a first date: politics and religion. Nothing gets people riled up more. Maybe next time wait awhile. I agree, this guy was a douche, but what if next time you bring up your views and piss off someone you genuinely like? If he hasn't had a chance to get to know you yet, he might not overlook your differing opinions and give it a shot.

This is probably normally true, but she was probably lucky that she did in this case, or she might've spent the whole date without realising what a prick he was. Now she knows not to waste her time with him.

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It certainly weeded this guy out. C:

Actually, it's a pretty good idea to discuss politics and religion on the first date. Politics and religion can really significant parts of a person's life, so it's an important part of getting to know someone. In this case, the OP learned that her date was really a total asshole. Better to learn these things sooner than later.

#20 is right. how can you know whether you want to date someone without knowing their stance on such important issues?

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totally agree , i write in the newspaper of my university , i was discussing about politics with my ex- crush when i found out that his ideas is totally the opposite of mine it kinda broke my heart , but knowing that sooner would helped me !!!! going with someone with out know about their ideas donot seem right its like have sex with someone without telling him u have aids or sth

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Not dating someone because they don't have the same religious views as you..oh the hypocrisy of religion..everyone is equal and we should love all..unless you're different than me..

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Actually, discussing religion and politics is always a bad idea on a first date. Not only does it ruin the evening, but there's more to people than that. I mean, maybe it's something you really care about.. One of you is perfectly fine with abortion, and the other stands outside clinics and yells at people.. But let's save that for the 2nd date

The issue with going out with someone who does not share your religious, and perhaps political (although not as big a deal as religious) beliefs has nothing to do with equality. It has to do with compatibility. How to raise the kids is the biggest issue, But even if kids aren't involved, it can prove to be problematic. I am friends with an atheist but I wouldn't go out with him simply because he thinks the whole idea of God is ridiculous. As a friend, I can handle that. As more than a friend, every time he ridicules the very idea of which I decide to base my life around, even if his intention isn't to ridicule me, well... problematic.

It's not necessarily that they have to share the same beliefs as you. They at least have to have respect for you and your beliefs. Let's take the case of a pro-choice man dating a pro-life woman. If he can respect that she's not going to get an abortion (which he should if he's actually pro-CHOICE), then they could make it work out fine even though their highly polarizing beliefs differ.

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Well, the problem with it being a YDI because she is on a blind date is because she was set up by SOMEONE to go out with him, most likely someone she knows. What kind of person would set up a friend/family member with a complete jerk like this? This is one of the reasons I refuse to EVER go on a blind date. I don't care enough for dating to not want to be in control of who I'm going out with.

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I wish that simply respecting someone's religion was enough; but I already tried dating someone of another religion and being respectful and supportive, but in the end it became the reason we broke up

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How can you make a comparison to having aids and not telling your sexual partner? That is just sick. Having a different view on religion is not endangering you.

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In this situation, it was probably a good thing that politics came up. Because he wouldn't have proven his intense douche-iness.

Who said anything about someone being better or worse with religions? They're simply saying that if two people base their lives off conflicting views, then they might not be compatible. Just like political views. Or a dumbass who thinks women are stupid and an educated independent woman in this case.

I cringe at the thought of all the sexist jokes that are going to come. Anyway, I hope you didn't ACTUALLY go home and have sex with him! What a jerk. Anyway, it is the risk you take when you choose to go on a blind date. It's actually probably a good thing you found this out on the FIRST date.

Urgh, some men just can't cope with the idea that sometimes women are smarter than them

Maybe she wasn't smarter than him. Just saying. Her viewpoint could've been completely idiotic. That doesn't justify his response in any way, but it's just as likely that she's politically ignorant as it is that she's the next James Carville.

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Maybe he just completely disagreed with her viewpoints and knew she wasn't someone he would date so he just acted like an ass so she wouldn't like him..its a very roundabout way of doing it but not unheard of.

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I wonder how many of the thumbs up's for this comment are women? lol (probably all of them) :) *including mine*

Urgh, some women just can't cope with the idea that sometimes men are smarter than them.

sometimes woman are more smart than men*

That guy is a total git. He deserves to be shot in the nuts. I hope you left pretty quick after he said that.

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Whoa whoa whoa. I Agree he is a asshole, but that does not mean he should be shot in the nuts. Scientific studies show that that would be more painful than giving birth.

well you obviously should of kept your stupid female mouth closed and had sex with him... deuuheuhe

Omg I feel like getting a knife, and killing him. I hate these horny closed-minded jerks.

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yup, sexism justifies murder :P

That isn't a joke. If your dumb female mind can't make a joke, don't try. That was much more of a threat actually. If he were to be knifed to death today, guess who they'd come after?

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Really MK1029? You honestly believe they'd look at this guy's history, see he had one failed first date with the OP, track the OP's computer usage, find her post on this site, read the comments, find chellinha's, then track her IP address to her home and "come after" her? You honestly believe this, and yet you have the gall to call someone else "dumb" (not to mention your mentioning her gender for absolutely no reason other than to establish the fact that you're sexist as well as a retarded asshole)? Yeah. Okay.

That's United States of America to you.

Yeah, sexism and ignorance don't happen anywhere else. Ass.

Because we're far worse than countries that make women hide their bodies or risk punishment. Yes, we're awful.

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Having sex on the first date is a religious thing, not political, you moron.