By neednewfriends - United States
Today, I ran into the living room when I heard the smoke alarm going off. Turns out, my friend thought it was a good idea to melt a plastic cup on my floor heater. He also thought the best way to put it out was to urinate on it. My house smells like burnt pee. FML
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  caticaticati  |  3

I can stand 'first' comments.
I can't stand 'aw man I was almost first but I suck sooo much' comments.

Most people don't care if you got first comment, but NO ONE cares that you have to little to live for that you need to post about not getting first.

  MacOSXpert  |  7

@random idiot who called Melissa ugly.
I'm female, and i find that Melissa is a beautiful young woman.
Can your stupid comments before someone staples your mouth shut and ties your hands together.