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"piss on fire" one of my favorite candle scents


Freeze shit and throw it in his face.

#13- Polar opposites, FTW! xD

first! fuck! so fucking close... so fucking close... fuck you

wooooooooooow ur freinnd is freaking hilarious I actually laughed 

So close to being first, :( had to validate my email address.

I can stand 'first' comments. I can't stand 'aw man I was almost first but I suck sooo much' comments. Most people don't care if you got first comment, but NO ONE cares that you have to little to live for that you need to post about not getting first.

well u obviously care

more like annoyed; not "care". I thought hot girls are stupid...but ugly girls are to.

haha idiot


@20 I think your stupid to!

@34 who asked you?

@ 34 you're**** and too*** gosh

@random idiot who called Melissa ugly. I'm female, and i find that Melissa is a beautiful young woman. Can your stupid comments before someone staples your mouth shut and ties your hands together.

"piss on fire" one of my favorite candle scents

Your friend is an idiot. FYL

Your friend is showing symptoms of being a classic idiot.

Dude, you have retarded should probably reconsider who you hang out wth.

Is he trying out for some Jackass episode?

I wish your friend was my best friend...

StinkyPoo' D: pee* DD: that's like -- blow drying a pissed on blanket

Of course, you can always count on them to ruin your stuff!