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Today, a woman came into my work and yelled at me because no one told her the cake she had bought the week before was made of ice cream. She'd hidden it in the cupboard and it melted. I work in Dairy Queen. FML
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whackingsoup 9

now everyone say it with me "stupid bitch".


So THAT'S why I've been finding mysterious melted ice-cream all over my pantry after birthday parties....

This is why we eat cake AND ice cream. Not ice cream cake

Victoire_W 0

I know right! Who da **** walks into a DAIRY QUEEN to buy a NORMAL cake?

bizarre_ftw 21

38 - she probably saw their commercials and thought "ooh everyone will be so happy with me!! :D" *walks into store* "one cake please" *hands her cake* *goes home, hides it in cupboard* *party time, opens cupboard, melted cake, crying kids* *goes into DQ and bitches like a mad woman* "m'am we only sell Ice-Cream cakes here. It says it clearly on the freezer, which, by the way, is a freezer. It says it on the banner above, all around the store, in our commercials. M'am, it Even says 'ice-cream cake' in big letters on the box along with a warning 'refrigerate at all times' I'm sorry, but, how exactly were you Not informed that we sell solely ice-cream cakes?" *woman realized she's wrong, bitches some more, is carried out by security* ^_^

bizarre_ftw 21

On another digression: why is no one worried about the kids that had their birthday, or whatever, ruined by a dumbass mum!?

Did you take speed before posting your comment? I think you may have just had a three/four way conversation with yourself.

mishkaroni 15

#61 exactly! But she probably can't read, doesn't have cable, and takes meds that always make her cold so that she thought the freezer was really a glass cabinet.

rallets 22

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you_and_me_fml 8

Yes but the op walked into a place that sells soley ice cream, buys a cake out of their freezer (which more than likley says ice cream cake on the box) ..there is really no excuse

Whether it looks like normal cake or not, she bought it from dairy queen, and at ever dq I've been to, it says ice cream cake on the freezer.

Ice cream? They're made out of ice cream?? Shit, all this time I thought they were made out of Queens.

I_Hate_Tpyos 0

And you can feel how cold it is right through the box. Should raise some flags in your mind.

williamwheat37 0

I work at DQ, seriously, the cake display freezer thing is set at -30 degrees

In all fairness, whether it was ice cream cake or not, most cakes need to be refrigerated if they aren't going to be eaten right away.

whackingsoup 9

now everyone say it with me "stupid bitch".

Buttsexpirate 9

Stupid bitch uses dumbass bitching. It's super effective! OP uses common sense. No effect. OP faints and loses half of his money.

kaykay20 0

I was just stating that I found it gross that your stores accept back any item regardless of it's condition which only had to do with the first part of your comment that was about your town. Had nothing to do with the second part actually about the fml itself so don't see why your replying to me about it.

kaykay20 0

Oops was suppose to go to 24.

Stu-pid bi-tch, I think I got the spelling, now all I need it pronunciation lessons and I'll be on my way.

"All purchases are non-refundable, ma'am." :)

I don't know about where you live but where I am, its actually illegal to tell someone there's no refunds. It doesn't actually matter as the customer has no grounds to demand a refund on, but being the annoying little shit I am, I thought I'd point that out.

kaykay20 0

Some things are meant to be non refundable for a very good reason like novelty toys and panties after being worn. I'd hate to live where you do with every store having to take back those used items.

21 - When I said the customer had no grounds for refunds in this case, I thought it was clear there would be other cases where refunds aren't an option.

Where do you live 24 so I can avoid living there. For all I know the panties I buy here were used before.

carmenm 6

Hahaha what an idiot, should be her Fml how embarrassing

sydneylol 7

Since when did Dairy Queen make cakes?

You know what they say: ignorance is bliss... No wait...

The_Troller 14

If ignorance really is bliss, then why isn't the world a much happier place than it is now?

We gotta petition they remove this saying from the books then.

takeapieandrun 9

Maybe she shouldn't be hiding a cake in a cupboard and should instead be buying it when she actually need it...

I_Hate_Tpyos 0

Or it could have just been a few hours before the woman needed it.

I_Hate_Tpyos 0

Oops. My bad, missed the "last week" part.

"Customers are always right".. Pfft, customers are becoming more obnoxious and self-centered.

Randy84 10

No, just some people are stupid and need to be put down.

NoNotTheFace 8

-It's ice cream cake, ma'am. ICE CREAM CAKE??? I DIDN'T ASK FOR ICE CREAM CAKE. THE CAKE WAS A LIE. And I said "WAS" because the cake MELTED. Because SOMEBODY gave me ice cream cake. Somebody needs to whip a bitch.

(At Dairy Queen, day of purchase) Cashier: "Ok, here's your cake. Be sure to refrigerate it when you get home." Woman (thinking to self): Why the hell should I refrigerate a cake? GEE I DON'T KNOW! :O maybe because it's an ICE CREAM CAKE.

Why would you refrigerate ice cream? Wouldn't you stick it in the freezer?

I meant put it in the freezer. Whatever, it's all part of the same refrigerator unit.