By Anonymous - Australia - Perth
Today, while working as a barista, a customer asked me for "gluten free milk". When I told her that most milk is gluten free, she flew into a fit of rage and cussed me out for being a "cheeky bitch". My manager then lectured me about not being "patronising" to customers. FML
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By  mds9986  |  24

It's fun that people are so unwilling to learn that when they are presented with new facts they go into a rage and do everything possible to try and make themselves feel like they are correct.


Yeah I got cussed out because some guy thought gluten free pizza = fat free pizza. Apparently, I need to get a god damn education if I can't figure out that it means the same thing.


I was at a restaurant once and I overheard the person behind me ask if they could substitute one of their meat based side dishes with mashed potatoes because they are vegetarian. Then then asked for gravy on the mashed potatoes. When their friend pointed out that ordering gravy defeats the point of claiming they are vegetarian, the person replied "why? it's just flavour powder and water".

  Redgy22  |  26

Actually, the customer is rarely right. However, they are ALWAYS the customer so you gotta just suck it up. A simple yes or no would have sufficed. Sorry OP. You just tried to impart some knowledge.

  coortaknee  |  15

Because they were trying to inform the woman so she knows better for when she orders next time. As a barista, I come across people who have no idea what they're ordering and I try to educate them so they make choices that they might enjoy more instead of ordering something they will absolutely hate or something they don't mean.

  MrSassypants  |  32

Yeah. I work at dunkin' donuts and I always try to inform my customers what they are ordering. People come in and ask for lattes without milk. Lattes are basically espresso with a shit load of milk. It's like asking for a wheelchair with no wheels. Just ask for a fucking chair. I'll give you what you want just let me inform you about your order just in case you order the same thing again and the employee doesn't give you the wrong thing.

  amourmourant  |  18

Personally I love it when the barista helps me out. I didn't start drinking coffee until a couple years ago (raised Mormon) and I always feel really self conscious when I order because I don't really know all the options and what's best or even how to pronounce some things lol. So thanks for being awesome!