By I hate my job - / Saturday 8 June 2013 22:20 / United States
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  LeFrogDog  |  27

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  KVKdragon  |  26

Screw the polyjuice potion. I don't need to go through that much pain just for an hour of shapeshifting. I'll take a hot chocolate with extra caramel & Felix Felicis mixed in and a pack of chocolate-covered graham crackers to go (I have allergies to eggs, so no muffins and other baked goods for me) :D

  ThePK  |  5

Yeaaah, Starbucks does. Not sure if it's for all places but I know the one where I live has a cotton candy drink and an orange drink not on the menu. They're pretty yummy stuff c:

  Bobskittens1  |  12

People will believe anything they read on the Internet! There is a "Starbucks Secret Menu" but it's not a real menu! It's just ways to make things taste more unique. Like 4 said, FYL.

  fandoms_unite  |  13

Or you can show them the recepie if you have it written down or on your phone and they'll make it. I tried it once and I ordered the Butterbeer Frapp. It was really good! :)

  kirbydumas  |  10

The butterbeer frap is really good. I tweaked it a little from the original though. A veinte creme frap base-made skinny with 7 pumps caramel and 5 pumps toffee nut. It's great.

  ambitiousnygrl  |  17

why don't you learn some decent grammar?

  bamagrl410  |  31

Every Starbucks has a "secret menu". It consists of drinks that employees make & perfect in their downtime, so each location will typically have a few differences. OP must have been a new employee who hadn't learned all the tricks to the trade yet. Go to starbucks secret menu . net

On a side note, if you like espresso I suggest trying an undertow to start your day.

By  macs4evr  |  7

Well actually, you can get something like that, from what I've heard. When people order a coffee with butterscotch and caramel, or something like that, they colloquially call it "butter beer". She didn't need to freak out like that, but she wasn't wrong.

  jkmartinjk  |  16

It's not a SECRET MENU. Its just drinks with a shit ton of different syrups. The baristas aren't taught them so if you want to order a 'secret drink,' know the recipe! This is in no way OP's fault

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