By atetoeate - 27/08/2010 06:49 - United States

Today, while trying to give an immunization to a "special" 13-year-old, I got spit on, kicked, almost bitten, and had a chair thrown at me. When it was all over, I flinched when the patient tried to hug me. Her mom called me a "b*tch" and I later found out she wasn't a "special" child. FML
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God, I fucking hate parents like that. Discipline your demon seed or I can't be responsible for what happens to you OR your idiot child.

Wow, what a brat. After it was all over, you should have called security or something.


lol... bratty kids make me LOL

yeah well they just piss me off

maybe you should have threatened to kill them...

Wow. Obviously the kid gets it from his parents. If she called you a bitch right in front of him what else do you think goes on at home?

Everyone's special in their own way. :D Next time pinch the little brat--give him something to act up about.

You actually wanted to be a pediatrician?

I bet you like the thought of killing don't you 8?

Did anyone else notice that there was no space between "special." and FML?

Sounds like forplay to me. Edging murder indeed :P

21 Did you notice that it should be "special". instead of "special." ?

WHAT?!An actual comment?!From SKROAL?!?!

25, I'll blame that one on the common "typographical error" people always seem to blame their own incorrect spelling, wording, grammar, punctuation and whatever else. But last time I checked, I was sure the quotes were after the period... Perhaps they noticed and fixed it or I could be wrong.

Kid needs a kick in the face

Watch out blank! You did a good deed. (:

the op could be american, hence the period within the quotation marks. >< |the kid|

skroal!!!!!!!!!! I thought u were banned! ur back :) OP , it's okay, just one kid.

Op is from Washington 0.o


Bite him back.....then call the mom a b!?ch.

Bubbelz, the quotation mark should be placed after the punctuation. The OP was correct before the FML staff "fixed" it.

OP couldn't you have said retarded?

No. The kid could have been behaviorally or emotionally challenged, instead of mentally.

oh...but that is what i could describe to the so-called special kid

In America we do stuff like "this." The reason we do it is because printing presses could easily damage periods/full stops, but not quotation marks, since the part was bigger. Seriously, I think it's stupid too. The British way makes more sense, and I am generally inclined to follow it, since I'm a computer programmer, and the American way is ambiguous sometimes.

25, the punctuation goes before the quotation marks

I'm serious when I say YDI, because you should actually think about your career before you go through school and what not. it's your fault, so stop complaining, and also it's not that big of a deal either.

I'm late, but in American English the punctuation mark at the end of the sentence is supposed to go inside the quotations. Not that it matters.

Ah well, thanks for the lesson in American English guys :) That's just not the (British) English we learn at school (in Europe).

parents need to teach their children proper manners. it's fuckin ridiculous

did everyone just forget this is FML? why the fuck are we talking about puncuation? btw op you should have backhanded him lol jk my dads a pediatrician so I get these stories a lot

132 you're an idiot :) Anyway OP should have checked beforehand whether or not the kid was special. Aren't you supposed to know the patients that are coming in? Like with charts or something?

Interesting. Dumb bitch.


Paediatrics is correct too.

Kill it kill it with fire

#17- I'm pretty sure that if someone is a pediatrician, they wanted to be one, this isn't Cuba where you are assigned a job.

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well now THEEERES a story for ya!

hahaha looser

I WOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKING FIRST >:O but just then my computer decided to lag. Sadface.

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Would an adult fight back? No because that would call for a lawsuit. You kids are stupid.

I agree with 48. He (or she) could not have fought back or they'd get in some serious shit. Shutup you stupid child.

10- It's idiots like you that make adults think all kids are stupid. Thanks for upholding the bad reputation people our age have...

I think #10 is a prime candidate for an ass-whipping. Kids have TOO much power in this country, and this is why they think they can act like little bad-asses. Consider yourself lucky that you don't live in the Caribbean, #10. Down there, if you act up, ANY adult can beat your ass. With an attitude like yours, 10, you'd catch a beating every other day.

I can't be a pediatrician because I would get lawsuits once a week. If that kid tried to hug me I wouldn't have flinched. I would have slapped his ass. lol.

Dear God 10 you are a waste of space. It's people like you that are the reason why most people hate us 13-15 year olds.

Typical, immature, 10 year old prick. America's pride.

I was just joking. Sheesh..

Wow, what a brat. After it was all over, you should have called security or something.

Coulda been a zombie...?

I agree with #4 .

i woulda smacked that kid so hard ^.^ great restraint OP!!

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Exactly how were they "screwing up on the job?" They were giving the kid an immunization. The way the stupid kid was acting, no wonder they assumed he was special, only in more severe cases, they actually can't help it. This is entirely the mother's fault. Not the OP's.

OP most likely assumed the patient was special after being bitten, which is a reasonable assumption if you're being attacked by a thirteen year old. Four year olds fight violently against shot? Not special. Thirteen year fights violently enough to throw a chair at someone and bite them? Most likely special. By the time you're thirteen, it IS unreasonable for you to commit assault, for any reason. If the mother wasn't aghast, the only logical explanation is that he's special, so he doesn't know better, right? right.

Umm, no, it's not OP's fault, they didn't screw up anything. It us very possible that the child has a very severe needle phobia, but at 13, that's no excuse. They should be better behaved at that age, and that is why OP assumed the child was "special."