By Anonymous - 27/8/2021 02:01

Don't let it come to this

Today, we had the cops called on us because my son was panicking so much about his first COVID jab, his older sister got fed up, took him outside, put him in a headlock and choked him unconscious so the nurse could jab him. Instead, the nurse called the cops. FML
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  Khay33  |  10

Whoa! I think that's extreme. I mean, choking the kid was completely extreme and uncalled for... but I really hope op gets away with a warning or a fine or something...

By  MidnaLink  |  33

Is it the actual needle he was scared of, or the contents? If it's the former, well, sadly they don't have a pill form. If it's the latter, well, buck up kid, 'cause if you can drink sodas and energy drinks, you can have this.

By  Michael Wood_279567485  |  8

Are you upset that the nurse did their job and reported a criminal act, or are you upset that you raised a daughter who is a monster?

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

And where were YOU when this was happening? You just let your daughter take your son outside and choke him unconscious? Maybe you were at work and your daughter took him per your request? I don't know, but either way, I find it hard to believe she took the kid outside during a COVID vaccine appointment and no one was around.