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How did your crush just randomly have a stick of deodorant to hand you? Does he carry that around with him or something? Also, seriously, practice good hygiene for your sake and for the sake of those around you.


@33 It had probably been going on for a while. He got tired. And, @35, it's like how everyone's house has a different smell, but you can't smell yours. You get used to it. Unless there's a sudden change in your scent, perfume, new bodywash, you just won't notice it. :)


win for the crush giving you the deodorant from his gym bag. OP freaking take a shower with soap, clean clothes, and deodorant you nasty pig. that also means don't re-wear your stinky undergarments either you foul smelling yeast ball.


umm.. 33 guys usually carry some form of deodorant in there bags all the time, usually just left in lockers. or maybe random deo stick guy reeks 24/7 as well :/


#33 - It's school. I mean, I can only speak for myself here, but I know I always had a deodorant in my gym bag. It's not as unusual as if he had handed her one in a Starbucks or something.

By  gumzy

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Today, I called asking about a job I interviewed for 3 weeks ago. It's a scummy call center where known drug addicts work. They told me I wasn't getting the job. I guess my high school diploma and being drug-free makes me not good enough to work there. FML

By lexithepirate - / Tuesday 30 December 2015 18:40 / United States - Adrian
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