By Oops - 27/08/2010 04:06 - United States

Today, I realized that it wasn't my science partner that smelled bad, it was me. How? The guy I have a crush on handed me a stick of deodorant and said, "Please use it." FML
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well u deserved that lol, did you use it !?

Any* you* know* like* like* again. It was torture to read that comment.


PimpdaddyCJT 13

omg that's hilarious

YDI it for not wearing deodorant

mmhhh body odor, so sexy!

at least you weren't your crush's partner! that would have been so much more embarrassing.

missmurderx 8

ewh that's disgusting lmao;D please though. USE IT.

How did your crush just randomly have a stick of deodorant to hand you? Does he carry that around with him or something? Also, seriously, practice good hygiene for your sake and for the sake of those around you.

fertie226 1

it's so weird how the people who smell like BO or that have bad breath can almost never smell it on themselves. why is that?

@33 It had probably been going on for a while. He got tired. And, @35, it's like how everyone's house has a different smell, but you can't smell yours. You get used to it. Unless there's a sudden change in your scent, perfume, new bodywash, you just won't notice it. :)

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YDI for not knowing that it was yourself that smells like a vag. Clean a little better next time.

deodorant FTW

What deodorant?? Each of you goes around with deodorant in the pocket? What about taking shower?

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OP you must've moved here from Europe. Bathe, woman!

That crush got crushed in all of 3 seconds

ahahahah Better than a disposable douche I suppose. Learn some personal hygiene.

thriceforme 3

Maybe they're in high school. Everyone I knew carried deodorant with them then to freshen up after gym class *shrugs*

win for the crush giving you the deodorant from his gym bag. OP freaking take a shower with soap, clean clothes, and deodorant you nasty pig. that also means don't re-wear your stinky undergarments either you foul smelling yeast ball.

umm.. 33 guys usually carry some form of deodorant in there bags all the time, usually just left in lockers. or maybe random deo stick guy reeks 24/7 as well :/

53, racist much.. never been abroad? a lot of europeans are pretty friggin hot fyi.

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

70, hot, but also dirty

Hey atleast he cared. He had some not like you.

I wonder about that, too.

jakemel 0

oi d!ck head don't dis europe

tienjt 3

I've never used deodorant in my life and no one has ever complained. ;)

did you say "stank you, smelly much" when he gave it to you :) but YDI for being stinky anyways.

ChrissyCaustic 0

How the fuck do you not know if you smell that damn repulsive?

#33 - It's school. I mean, I can only speak for myself here, but I know I always had a deodorant in my gym bag. It's not as unusual as if he had handed her one in a Starbucks or something.

I mean maybe he takes gym

well u deserved that lol, did you use it !?

YDI for not putting ant deodorant on, u Noe it's lik torture for a guy having a girl near him who smells lik a donkeys ass! :)

It's torturous for a girl to smell guys b.o when it smells like a dying camels breath.

Any* you* know* like* like* again. It was torture to read that comment.

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sorry Hun. but dot worry he'll forget about it fast:)

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ewww that's gross. hope you use that deodorant from now on

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must embarrasing ur crush eh haha, man u need to take showers more often if u ask me!!

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quite_bored 9


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ha ha op, ydi.

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Sorry, but YDI for not using deoderant. That's just not right.

sdman923 0

Spelling fail on my part. *deodorant* -My bad.

sweetdreams999 0

people around here are too anal about grammar. lol.

sdman923 0

That's why I fixed it before I could be corrected, and possibly insulted by an army of grammar Nazis.

haha, oh gumzy I like how you fix the like and not the Noe :/

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#12, Speaking of anal; why are you bent over in your photo?

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Woooow. Talk about embarrassing.