By mommymo - 16/09/2010 10:59 - Australia

Today, while tearfully telling my closest friends that I had miscarried my first pregnancy, the first thing out of their mouths was, 'So, does this mean you're going to start drinking with us again?' FML
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I'm sorry. that's terrible.

That is Heartless ....... I'm sorry you lost your baby


I'm sorry. that's terrible.

they were only being considerate and trying to look on the brighter side of things.

I disagree.....

her friend just doesn't have a filter. she said what she was thinking at the moment and that can be hurtful. imagine if we all said exactly what we were thinking.

yea, that is terrible. :/

Well are you going to drink with them?

wow 75 you ass

84 that's a serious question as long as shes not an alcoholic it's not as bad. so are you gonna start drinking with them?

I'm sorry OP, I have a few cousins like this...and one of them has three kids from three different guys...maybe you should reassess your friends and life, sounds like they are party people if going out and drinking is all they care about, do you want to bring a child into that (if you're still trying)?

If she wasn't drinking during the pregeancy the alcohol she drank before wouldn't affect her at all. I'm sorry OP

Don't get a miscarriage. Simple,

I don't understand your pic, 96. The iPhone 4 has a camera that faces you. Technology fail. OP, that's terrible. You have horrible friends.

186 maybe he wanted to show off his iPhone 4

In that case, I'm sorry, but he looks like a douche. Haha. I hate when people do stuff like that. my brother, for example, left a message on his phone in the most obnoxiously smug voice saying, "Hello! you have reached my iPhone..." it continues from there. I cringe everytime I hear it. *facepalm*

LOLOL. woow 173 youre such a dumbass. you cant control if you get a miscarriage or not. its abortions youre thinking about. get your facts straight before you make a stupid comment LOL.

216- look at 173's name b4 commenting on his or her stupidity. The person is obviously trolling

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yeah cause that would help....

ok that's little crazy ur idea... good thing I'm not friends w u

MAKE them miscarry? That would be considered murder unless it was at an abortion clinic (which in my opinion is still wrong) and I really don't think op wants to be charged with murder. : )

Hahaha OMG you're so funny. I just wanted you to know, how grateful I am to know that people like you, actually exist. I shall push you down a hole now. Not funny! Losing a child is absolutely devastating!

I like the 'hole' idea : )

I'm liking the hole idea : )

wow 3 ur pretty much a bitch. y would u make someone else miscarry too just because they asked you if u wanted to have some drinks? you are a mongoloid

Dang it! My comment didn't show up so I did it again... sorry guys

I'm liking your shoes. Damnit ADD!

Thanks : ) Aren't they the hottest ever?

#73, ya cant murder something that was never alive

Let me guess, you're one of those people that thinks that it's not a life until it's born? We may have to agree to disagree. If a drunk driver hits and kills a woman that's pregnant and both the mom and baby die, the drunk driver gets charged with 2 account of manslaughter. If someone shoots a pregnant lady in the stomach and both the mom and baby die, the person gets charge with 2 accounts of murder. So how could you say that it's not living?

it depends on whether or not the fetus was viable outside the uterus. If a woman is murdered and is 8 months pregnant, then yes, her killer can be prosecuted on two counts. If she was only 8 weeks, then that's only one count.

wow, you're all retards. pretty sure 3 was just joking. ._.

Ah, stop assuming that more than half the people on here aren't 12 and reactionary. Jokes go over like lead balloons here...despite the fact that this is a comedy website, most of the readers have no sense of humor.

:( It was only a joke...

Just to let you know, I wasn't grilling you or being a jerk on my first comment, I was just talking but I didn't mean to sound like a jerk, sorry if it came off that way : )

if you break your own TV, it's fine.if someone else does it, it's destruction of property. should be the same with fetuses

your friends are whores

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true but it's something you do with her not say to her.

awh,what great friends. dumb bitches. ):

I hate people like that. selfish ass holes

That is Heartless ....... I'm sorry you lost your baby

thatss messed up x134832

some alcoholic friends you have...

That's Adelaide

awhhhh,what great friends you have. dumbass bitchesss (: