By justinj360 - 22/06/2011 04:59 - United States

Today, my dad informed me that I will be staying in the bug-infested shed for the summer when I come to visit, due to his girlfriend's sewing workspace completely taking over the only room I've ever had at his house. FML
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I say you don't let your dad get any the whole time your there to get even

Since you said "visited" I assume you don't have to go stay there. Tell your dad that you won't visit unless his girlfriend moves her stuff so you can sleep in your room.


That bitch needs to be whacked with her sewing things.

just slap her and it'll be allright.

Stab her with a needle :d

what does comment moderated mean?

I'm new to FML. don't judge! :)

It means that the comment was moderated.

I believe it is when there is a comment that does not go with the "comment's policy"...

I say you don't let your dad get any the whole time your there to get even

the sex must be good.

Tell your dad to go fuck himself, and spend your summer with people willing to make room for you in their lives..and houses.

or tell him to move her sewing things in the hedge

op needs to go slap-that-bitch!

that's the whole point dumbass

tell her too move her stuf to the shed

let all the bugs into the house

#28: I agree

That's not fair! You were part of his life before her :(

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26- were the hell did you read that?

73- the comment said you"were" ! dumbass:@

wreck her space and say it was an accident

LOL! I've done that - it all is in the past eventually! nd that's your space, someones room is there privacy - don't visit till you get your room back cause a bug infested shed is discusting and I certainly could not sleep in a place like that >.<

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one problem with that. it's not the dads girlfriends fault that ops dad is a dick. she may have just been invited over and told she could use the room.

op should mark the territory that's rightfully his by pissing all over the room like a true boss

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@65 they dont live there anymore, its not their room...

Citronella candles. Lots of them. And bleach.

ur pic is hilarious

And if it gets too bad, you can always drink the bleach

avoid him, thts what i do