By justinj360 - United States
Today, my dad informed me that I will be staying in the bug-infested shed for the summer when I come to visit, due to his girlfriend's sewing workspace completely taking over the only room I've ever had at his house. FML
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By  oh_hi_there  |  1

Since you said "visited" I assume you don't have to go stay there. Tell your dad that you won't visit unless his girlfriend moves her stuff so you can sleep in your room.

  Monii_Harlz  |  11

LOL! I've done that - it all is in the past eventually! nd that's your space, someones room is there privacy - don't visit till you get your room back cause a bug infested shed is discusting and I certainly could not sleep in a place like that >.<

  dyble95  |  0

one problem with that. it's not the dads girlfriends fault that ops dad is a dick. she may have just been invited over and told she could use the room.