By Anonymous - 21/03/2014 22:35 - Australia

Today, my dad took me to a bar for my first legal drink. He quickly got "drunk" and started slurring that I was an accident, saying the only reason I'm alive is because he'd been too poor to pay for an abortion. As I started crying, he burst out laughing and said soberly, "Just kidding, son." FML
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Your father has a sick sense of humor, OP.

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That's not something to " kid " about.


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Well, maybe your parents never told you that you're alive just because they couldn't afford an abortion... That's a very strange (and mean) way to love someone, according to me, even if it was just a joke.

30 I never understood it either. It's not like the parents are able to see, for example, OP, and then decide to abort him. As long as they took care of him and loved him afterwards, it shouldn't matter at all. They might have not been ready for a kid at the time, but I don't see how it translates to not loving OP. If I was OP I'd just be happy to be alive.

Looking at it from a different angle.. He must really love OP. If he truly didn't care he wouldn't make such a joke. This sounds like something my dad might say, and I dare say he gets me more than anyone else does.

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is it bad that I find it funny...

thank you 34. And to 32 it's exactly like like 34 said. They may not have been ready for or wanted a baby at first but they would have still loved him. I don't know why it's so horrible. Even if I was told I was almost aborted I wouldn't care because my parents are awesome and raised me well. OPs dad sounds like he has a similar sense of humor to my dad. OP sounds like an over emotional child who needs to learn to understand jokes/how the world is sometimes.

It is possible that op can take a joke, just not this one, so don't assume that he needs to learn how to take a joke.

If OP is out drinking, then they're probably 21, which should mean that they can take a joke by now.

Yeah I don't think it was a joke when I read it. I felt like the dad let it slip out when he was drunk then added the jk as he realized OPs reaction and what he said.

According to OP, his dad was acting. Also, I'm sure the dad knew he could handle the joke. They've been living together for 18 years (18 is the legal drinking age in Australia), a father gets to know their children by the time they're 18... If the father jokes around a lot, he would especially know what his limits are.

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What if OPs dad is adopted? Then what, tell him he's your father?

This doesn't make any sense... Why would he tell that to his father? Normally the father tells this to the son and if OP does manage to pull a stunt like that then that would just be him sinking to his fathers level

#14 either way I'm very confused and concerned.

#2 is right you really should tell him that he's adopted make up an entire story about how you went to your grandma and she told you he's adopted that will make him freak

I'm pretty sure if he has a 21-year-old son, he's old enough that finding out he's adopted won't screw with his head *too* much.

That wouldn't make sense. Instead say you were concieved when your mom was having an affair. Let's just hope he doesn't believe it too much.

#59, he's 18. Australia's drinking age is 18.

#2, I'm sorry no one else seemed to find that funny - I thought it was hilarious. Everyone else: it's obviously a light joke to keep a happy mood going. #2 doesn't actually think it'll mess with his dad. Wtf.

Your father has a sick sense of humor, OP.

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That's not something any person should tell their child, "drunk" or not, it's not funny. Your father should have been more responsible around you and had better control over his mouth knowing what he was going to say would be hurtful.

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That's not something to " kid " about.

I don't understand on FML how whenever someone makes an actual humorous pun it gets hidden but shit like this is still in positive like range

Hey, joke or not, you're alive. Be happy:)

Here's a little song i wrote, might want to sing it note for note....

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Don't you just love dads who use overly critical/demeaning jokes towards their children? -_-

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I'm sorry OP, sounds like he doesn't need a lot to not know the difference between what's funny from what's not. Hopefully you'll handle your alcohol better than him. Drink responsibly! :)

No, drink away all your troubles, OP. Remember, alcohol solves everything, OP.

According to chemistry, alcohol is a solution!

Well if you're old enough to drink, hopefully you don't have to live with him anymore.. I feel ya

The Life lesson is to never go drinking with your if he is an a***ole

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This confirms the myth that parents do not know how to joke around.