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Today, my husband and I announced our upcoming divorce. My friends told me how sorry they were and that they're available for whatever I need. His friends told him to just call the girl from last weekend and get himself laid again. FML
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It sounds like you'll be better off without him.

MichellinMan 20

What a bunch of assholes. Give em' a good slap in the face!


MichellinMan 20

What a bunch of assholes. Give em' a good slap in the face!

Aaaaand... this is exactly why you're divorcing him. People like him and his friends really don't deserve to be with anyone.

Maybe the husband is just misunderstood. OP said 'announced'... meaning they may have made the decision ages ago but are now only officially telling their friends. And naturally, he's been sampling the field already.

kryxen 14

Yeah I agree. Of course my wife just informed me we are getting divorced too. So maybe I'm just jaded.

Easiest way to get over one person is getting under the next!!!

And yet somehow, it's gays who ruin the sanctity of marriage...

...I don't get it. Why does OP even care what her ex husband's friends say? Am I missing something?

It sounds like you'll be better off without him.

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exactly. theres no point in getting married if youre just gonna cheat again

26 because some people don't know how else to live.. Only a cheater would say that it's the other persons fault that they cheated. I know many cheaters and victims alike who had or gave no good reason for why they cheated or were cheated on.

26 - my parents broke up for this exact reason. My dad would continually cheat, use drugs, spend out money on going out etc. Her fault was wanting him to grow up and, I don't know, be a father?? She was forced to be in sole control of the finances because my dad could not be trusted with money. So yes, she obviously deserved the heartbreak of a failed marriage and feeling worthless like she wasn't good enough etc. Jerk.

Lizardgirl 7

^ I am so sorry. I also agree. Did my mother deserve to be screamed at and berated my dad every day for 20 years? Did she deserve have no control over her OWN money and be screamed at whenever she purchased something not on sale? Did she deserve to be yelled at for "not doing enough for the family" by a man who would sit on his ass several hours a day watching tv while she worked full time and cared for her children? Did she deserve to watch her daughter (me) become suicidal and self injure due to her father making her feel worthless, then when she gained the courage to help her daughter escape the abuse did she deserve to be threatened that she'll be sued and never see her children or house again? Did she deserve to never know what it's like to find true love and happiness in this life? I don't mean to sound rude or angry, my point is that sometimes unfortunately some spouses are terrible towards the other spouse and one side really is innocent? It isn't fair.

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Neither of us ever said that men deserved to be cheated on and women never cheat. Nor did we say that men never get abused. We just pointed out that no, people do not 'deserve' to be cheated on. Do you think people deserve to be lied to and decieved? Is that their fault too?

yourlifesucksHA 14

Wow thanks captain obvious -_-

Congratulations wldd0g; you are the problem and not the solution.

26 so you're seriously saying that a person must have done something wrong to be cheated on? I'm sure you think that when someone is abused by their spouse, they deserved it too. Or if someone is raped, they provoked the rapist. Sometimes there are people who are innocent. If someone gets drunk at a bar one night and cheats on their spouse, how is the spouse to blame at all?

I'm not saying that its ok for anyone to treat someone that way. But it is to an extent their own fault if they choose to stay and put up with it. At least OP is smart enough to remove herself from the situation. No, it's not ok for him to cheat on her, but good for her for leaving him.

Has anyone ever heard the phrase, "You have to admit there is a problem before you can solve it"? When it comes to divorse, BOTH sides are at fault. One way or another. There are no "Winners".

Are you dumb, all women need a man to support them

BellaBelle_fml 23

I was going to chew you a new one, but then I read your profile and thumbed you up just as a **** you.

Shortay123 14

I had extreme déjà vu when reading this after reading comment #2.

Nah, I just spoke to the oracle and she told me the Matrix was fine, and to look at the times they were posted.

Yea I know, 1 -- Your friends aren't hooking you up? You need better friends, OP.

MichellinMan 20

What! My damn friends hook me up all the time! Just not in the middle of a ******* divorce.

18 - Aren't you just TIREd of that? ...Okay, I'm done.

Don't get over inflated 18, he was just saying.

^No pun? Oh dear, looks like we've got a flat. Good thing I always keep a spare on me, if you catch my drift. Just skidding.

MichellinMan 20

:D people make tire jokes every time I comment

Tyre jokes are hilAIRious, but tread carefully, or you might find yourself tyring of them easily.

oh Pleo, you are a pun master...fml needs to create a badge for that

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I-I'm sorry. Do you mistake me for someone who would hold up a friend of mine who'd go and cheat? I'd personally would find it dishonorable and if he wanted any help I'd bluntly tell him to "piss off"

I guess all women will just have to become lesbians then

Two very different ways of getting a break up. sorry that your ex chose the hurtful way.

Well at least your getting divorced so you can be done with him.

You--- no I'm done wasting mind power trying to fix the next generation.. Grammatical infallibility and Justin Bieber.. What's next, Morpheus and Trinity calling the last few sane people to get out of the nightmare?

I have the feeling that 7 and 31 are from the same generation.

Do you know what infallibility is? Methinks the answer is no.

31 - I think you need to consult a dictionary.

Llamacod 11

Wait, what about op's getting divorced and you can be done with him and, what exactly, is a getting divorced and you can be done with him. Is it something everyone should own like an ipod?

generation y or millinia is like 83 to 2004 I doubt said generation basher is over 30 and I doubt #7 or whatever is under 9 so you're bashing your own kind bro

monnanon 13

i thought a generation was the children of yhe previous gen. i suppose that would be hard to work out though since not everyone has kids at the same age

Now you should have no doubt at all about this divorce.

This is not an FML. This is good news. You finally get to drop the dead weight, and if I were you I would get proof of infidelity. That can often skew the results of the divorce in your favor.