By loving wife - 21/04/2013 10:20 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I had to convince my husband that I'm not having an affair all because I refused to have sex with him. Apparently the fact that I gave birth to our twins 10 days ago isn't a good enough reason to turn him down. FML
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Congrats on the newborns

FYL, your husband should be ashamed of himself for putting sex over your welbeing.


Congrats on the newborns

Twins?! You must be aching...

At LEAST 6 weeks. For twins, I'd say even more: even if OP did have a c section. Shit gets tore up ._. Sorry your husband is so insensitive that you just produced new lives and might, ya know, want to rest a while.

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Last time I checked that's called rape. No means No. It doesn't mean well why don't you give me a BJ.

Congrats !!!

Have fun saying that to your wife. If you can convince someone to procreate with you.

FYL, your husband should be ashamed of himself for putting sex over your welbeing.

Not a native speaker here, so thanks for the correction but keep in mind that grammar isn't that easy for everyone

I'm just going to point out that spelling and grammar are two different things.

feminist confirmed

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Yes, because all men who are turned down by their wives will all resort to cheating. I'm glad you know so much of the world, sir. Well done.

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Sarcasm is hard for many people to understand.

Well her mouth didn't just have a baby...

What a selfish guy. Sorry OP!

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What the fuck kind of person are you? When you give birth, you cant have sex for at least six weeks. Then again youre probably one of the sex crazed people who dosent care who they get pregnant or who got gou pregnant.

He should understand! It's still sore down there. Congradulations on the twins though:)

Not to mention, you're supposed to wait at least 6 weeks.

"C'mon, honey. You pushed two ten-pound babies out. I'm pretty sure you can put a couple of ounces back in." - OP's husband.

Erm most twins are around 4-6 pounds, 7 if they are big. I think 10 pounds would be a record.

Shut up, it was a joke

Not to mention I was 9.5 lbs...


My twins were 7lbs each 3 weeks early and would have been 8.5 full term.


I had a 10 pound 10 oz baby seven years ago today!

But not a twin... There's a difference...

Someone wants triplets...

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Ummm and what does she get? How come he's the only one who gets some? I'm sure it's safe to assume with newborn twins she's exhausted and would rather sleep than sexually please her man, especially when she gets nothing in return. If he wants something that bad he's got a hand...

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What I'm trying to get at is why is it "new daddy" that's the only one who gets to be happy in that way. It's so selfish! I'm a female who quite enjoys "sucky sucky" but after giving birth to two babies who keep you up all night no, I don't feel that would be my #1 priority. He can wait 6 weeks just like she has to and they can both be happy.

Oh yeah and "she doesn't need to sleep 24/7" I have a friend with month old twins... She needs to sleep whenever she gets the chance. When one isn't up, the other one is.

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You're completely missing my point. If he was injured down there and she wanted oral pleasure I guarantee no one would be going to bat for her

Not only that, she doesn't need sexual satisfaction to be an interested mother... Why does everyone look over the fact that women get sexually frustrated too?? I can speak from experience!

Spreading legs for a random dude in a mask. Sounds like my Saturday night.

After accusing her of cheating, the only thing he deserves is a slap across the face, not a bj. And another slap for being dumb enough to think she can have sex during the healing process.

#57, I agree that accusing of her is cheating is extremely stupid. I hope she did cheat nine months ago, otherwise those kids are already saddled with 50% Dummy DNA.

#47, you'd be wrong. If he were injured down there, I'd go to bat for the idea that he needs to find an alternate way to pleasure her rather than wait unitl his genitals heal.

Yea, perdix is all for dildos.

I can't believe how serious this thread got. As soon as I started reading it, all the noise in my appartment suddenly stopped. It was pretty intense, I'm glad it's over.

If new dad needs blow jobs to be more interested in their own kids then he needs to keep it in his pants until he has figured out to be a real man. My husband made sure I was healed and let me decide when I was ready to have sex again. (5 months). Did he cry about it? No. Going through the whole process is not just abouy popping a baby out and it's done. There's a lot of mental things too. Of course you don't understand this because you are a boy.

Any loser who resents his own infant children because hi wife won't give him a blowjob due to exhaustion from giving birth to TWO babies doesn't really deserve to have a dick in the first place.

Guys. It's Perdix. He was joking. There's no need for hurt feels.

What the heck are you reading? Could have fooled me. He's defending his comment tooth and nail.

Actually, he's making this an even bigger joke then what he first said. He is only providing us with more laughs and making a fool out of you. Besides, after a while, you can tell he was joking because he was agreeing with other people about how much of a jerk ops husband is.

#104, thanks, I'm sorry no one caught the silliness of "Hey, no one came out of your mouth lately."

Perdix, after hearing how you're a Pants fan, I realized everything you said from that point on was a joke!

Ohhh perdix, you're done it again. You managed to make a joke that went COMPLETELY over some people's heads. *applauds*

You've* Thumb me down but have mercy.

I really hope you know that Perdix is joking and using sarcasm. People get way too uptight believing some of these comments are serious! smdh

Oh my god, this is the first time I've ever seen perdix get buried. This is madness...

Have sex before he leaves!!! B

Not every guy just cares about sex. I waited 3 months after my fiancée had one baby because that's when she felt comfortable again. Having a baby is exhausting, it took me a month to get used to it.

I know that I just wanted to see how many negative votes I would get

He should be able to respect you....