By itchybollos - 16/09/2010 09:04 - Australia

Today, while grocery shopping, my Dad asked me what I wanted for 'Din-Dins' while scratching his nuts. In a crowded aisle. Wearing short shorts. FML
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Your dad is my new favourite person. he wears short shorts in public and uses the phrase 'din-dins' <3


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lol dangle Aussie dad, I bet they were stubbies. my old man still wears those "cringe"

They are not as bad as speedos. dad still wears those even though my family tell him that nobody wants to see his junk. He sometimes mows the lawn in them. Vomit!!!!

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I submit crap all the time and they never get published. They're good too! :-)

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yeah my dad used to wear around his old training shorts from the 70s and 80s which were really high too. It's embarrassing now but it will be a funny memory later.

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good thing you told us it was sarcasm. we would have never picked up on it if you hadn't. we would have totally thought you really wanted him to look up your phone number and call you! LOL! you crafty devil you.

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omg fyl why the heck would your dad ever say din dins

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i don't think him saying din dins is the embaressing part in this fml.

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Hahahahahaha, your dad is gay, OP! :p

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Shut up fool. You were swimming inside those balls at some point.

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Shut up fool. You were swimming inside those balls not long ago from now.

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short shorts? seriously I wouldn't have gone with him if he was wearing short shorts. what is wrong with you ha..

her dad sounds fake. unless they're at walmart in alabama

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@151: You are completely retarded. People are always making jokes of how stupid people are in Alabama, and how classless and country. The ones who truly have no class or intelligence are the ones stereotyping a whole population of almost five million based on the actions of very few. All states have those few stupid ones, too. So how about you leave Alabama alone and go make some racist jokes or something? It's basically the same thing. :P

His dad's not gay. He's just a bogan. Duh.

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SMH , iwould cry if my dad did that -_- (not literally)

Your dad is my new favourite person. he wears short shorts in public and uses the phrase 'din-dins' <3

you're an idiot, that is the british spelling of favorite.

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I hate when people correct people. it's not cute and no1 freaking cares.

Especially when they didn't spell anything wrong in the first place... just a regional difference.

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he sounds like a real classy guy :P

he spelled it correctly, "favourite" is just the British spelling of the word. just like how "color" is spelled as "colour" in Britain.

hah! shoulda said you wanted tater totts.

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You're my new best friendddd(: Made my day(:

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I love them. I grew up in the 70s-80s when shorts were short. I hate today's "shorts" that are halfway down your shin. I like my shorts halfway between my hip and my knee... where they should be.

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well it's 2010 not 1970 get with the fuxking times

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Errr Thanks for all that information on you preference on short length, but I wascrefering to that song the correct response would of been " I like short shorts"

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pancakerocks : I can see I have been out-witted by your superior intellect with your comment of "You're Gay".

perdix 29

I'm with you, nekkid_dude. I hate today's capri pants they laughingly call "shorts." I can't wait until short shorts come back in style -- I have great legs and I can use all the help I can get! If face bags become stylish at the same time, I gonna be a playah! What I think #9 LOLatU87 was referring to was: "We wear short shorts. If you dare wear short shorts Nair for short shots..."

oarisimo 4

I honestly don't see short shorts for guys ever coming back in style (thank god) and I work in fashion marketing and know all the little "trends" ahead time. just like platform shoes for guys, probably never coming back. guys should stick to knee length shorts anyway unless they're flaming or a stripper in my opinion....

RedPillSucks 31

What!!?? Platform shoes are not coming back in style??? I just got me some lady ga ga platform shoes and some high heel sneakers... What will I do now??

perdix 29

Don't panic, RPS, oarisimo is a youngster and doesn't have the perspective an old dude like me has. We'd have never thought that old lady names like Sophie and Sadie and Emma would come back, nor clunky boots for girls that look like the orthopedic monstrosities my great-grandma Sadie wore. But, guess what? They are back! Hell, if I knew "Don't Stop Believin'" was coming back, I'd have joined a primitive Amazon tribe. Keep the shoes and be patient. I've got my scissors ready and I'm waiting for the word about the return of short shorts -- I'll have my cut-off jeans that will distract the ladies' attention to my fabulous legs and from my hideous face.

sockmybop 2

"Who wears short shorts? I!. wear short shorts!" - Joe Swanson :)

This needed to be done "I LIKE SHORT SHORTS" I'm just amazed it took so long :/

wowww,shouldn't have gone with him. the mans wearing short shorts. why would you go with him.?!