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  Me654  |  0

I'd be more mad that he lied about it, but no matter how un-materialistic we try to be it's nice to get expensive presents, it shows that the other person cares about you more than money.

  Tuesdays76  |  0

Well maybe he couldn't afford a real 1500 dollar ring, but would op have agreed to marry him if he said," Oh by the way, I got that for $15 at American eagle".

  shannonreneee  |  11

I don't think it's necessarily because the ring is cheap, it's the fact he lied. Also, it's an engagement ring which is special so you would hope that your fiancé would try to buy something a little more than 10.95. I would rather my man ask to marry me then wait and save up for a ring together.


he probably splurged at GameStop, before forgetting what he really went to the mall for, stepped inside AE and thought "this will do, and I still have enough for a churro." Seriously OP, give the ring back and keep your options open, you sound too young to be engaged anyway

  JustDoctor  |  0

174- lmao that sounds like something my brother would do... I think it's the thought that counts op should just forgive him, who cares if it was cheap that's just more money saved for your future.

  mfjkr  |  10

it could be a fake replica cause once I found a ring at a jewelers for 1200 and I looked on the net for cheaper price I found a replica for about 300 when it said cubic z instead of awesome diamonds the jewelers had I lol'd

  Codezlol  |  21

Usually someone can tell the difference between a $1500 piece of jewelry and one that costed $10.95 lol, I digress. I have heard 2-3 months salary is the "norm" to spend on a ring though.

  badluckalex  |  23

the rings at AE are cheap rip offs of the high end rings at other stores. the ring he got you is probably real and you saw the cheap look-a-like in AE. hopfully.

By  robotofu  |  0

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I agree. If or when I get proposed to by my partner, I wouldn't want her to spend a lot of money on my ring. I would much prefer if she got me a hundred or so dollar ring (not too much more) then take me out for dinner, or use the money for our house/bills.
same with our wedding dresses. why spend thousands for a dress you will put on once?

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

It's not about saving money. The fact that the fiancé lied about the ring is the worst part of this.

Personally, I don't know how OP failed to tell the difference between a $1,500 ring and an AE bauble but that's just me. If you agree on a cheap ring, fine. But starting your engagement with a lie is just bad form.

  missy_lynn012  |  0

at 62 I understand about not wanting to buy an expensive dress but a ring is something you wear for the rest of your life (at least for most people)...I wouldn't want to wear something that's going to turn my finger green...the thing you wear for the rest of your life should be of value.

  manMadeFAIL  |  7

hey 79 stfu people are poor and cant afford anything soo.. he at least tried to make her happy...

ydi for being an ungrateful bICh and cant be happy with a stupid $10 ring... at least u have love!!!

  cldean24  |  4

146 it is about the lie not the ring, idiot.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

#146, I would tell you to STFU but I doubt you'd understand since you clearly have no reading comprehension skills.

Did I in any way hint that exorbitant sums should be spent on the ring? I wouldn't have cared if my husband proposed with a Ring Pop as long as he didn't paint the damn thing and tried to pass it off as the Kohinoor.

Honesty is the key. OP was misled and that is wrong. Her fiancé should've been honest about his inability or unwillingness to buy a more expensive ring.

  docscientist  |  9

The lie is a big issue I'm sure, but a $10.95 ring even on sale is really cheap for something that's supposed to last for the rest of your life. You can't arbitrarily put the right amount that should be spent on a ring as I've spent more on rings for my current and ex-girlfriends "just because" and I've also asked a girl out using a ring pop.

  jane79  |  0

and the ring can be real gold and diamonds u can get a nice ring at walmart or even on line for a few hundred dollars even can go to pawn shop and get a nice ring so if your going to propose to a girl and can't afford much don't lie about it but don't be so cheap find something you can afford and make the diamond real

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

181 - Erika, of course it would be about the ring. You've demonstrated your superficiality many times over on this site. I feel bad for the man who can't afford a $2000 ring for you; he'll still have the thought and still love you, but it won't even be enough for you because nothing shows how much a man loves you except for the size of the ring on your left ring finger.

If my boyfriend proposed with a $10.95 ring, I wouldn't care. A pretty ring is a pretty ring; a proposal from the man I love is still a proposal.

  NoOneLovesYou  |  13

Allow me to translate for you. I understand how impossible it is to read anything written in tongues, damn kids....

"That ring appears to be of fairly low cost, how can that possibly be a brand name item? I've had the chance to purchase a pair of denim jeans which happened to cost more than the ring you've received, expletive! Also, I suck cocks."

By  boygeorgebaby  |  0

ouch. that sucks real bad op...maybe it just looks like the one he got you! but at least your engaged! treat it like one of those sappy movies where the guy has no money to buy the girl a ring but she loves him so much she doesn't care...if it really is an AE ring. Who cares what it is, your with who you supposedly love! :)

  ucofresh  |  4

I'll be honest.. I'd be pissed at the fact it was 10.95 and it was from AE! I mean cmon.. Call me materialistic or what the hell ever. a wedding is important.. if you can't spend more than 11 bucks then you're not quite ready for marriage.

  dank1  |  0

You guys dont get it op's fiance did pay more for the ring because when op saw it the ring was on sale but who knows if the ringwasnt on sale when op's bf bought it? maybe he paid 20 for it haha(:

  boygeorgebaby  |  0

I would be pissed too, but it is what it is. If you really love someone you should be able to overlook it. it might not even be the same one, they just might look a lot alike. but I see where all of you are coming from.

  gilleamb000  |  0

he lied to her. who would spend $10 on a wedding ring that's just terrible. I'm sure he bought an xbox or something for himself on the way home (I watch too much teen mom )