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Today, while refereeing a soccer game, I was accused of being racist, blind, and a fascist by spectators. The game was played by a group of third graders. FML
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Parents get WAY too excited about their kids' games.


Parents get WAY too excited about their kids' games.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I remember back quite a few years ago my brother player on a traveling soccer team. They played against a New Jersey team one time and the parents from that team were ******* ignorant as all hell. At one point a parent even went out on the field flipping the **** out over the ref giving our team a throw in. A ******* throw in! People need to realize sports are played to have fun, yes it's competitive, but I'm sure your kid isn't looking up to you because you swore at their referee.

\ 28

I completely lost all interest in baseball after watching a fistfight break out in the stadium parking lot after a Dodgers game some years back... It's just hitting a ball with a stick. C'mon, there's no need for rectal prolapse over it!

That's exactly why I quit soccer. I loved it, but got sick of my moms negative sideline comments.

28- I went to a dodgers game this year. My best analogy is that I was surrounded by a pack of angry gorillas.

kyu_Q 19

baseball is so slow and boring I doing see how fans get that way. parents of children need to relax and let them enjoy playing especially since "everyone's a winner "

Parents get so angry because they're obviously stupid enough to bet on sports. Third grade sports none the less. Call a foul? Good luck surviving the soccer mom onslaught of Kool aid boxes and lays chips bags.

incoherentrmblr 21

#24, It's New Jersey... of course they're ignorant.

feldco1 17

Parents get angry because god forbid something doesn't go right for their child. In 3rd grade, I didn't care who won or lost, I just wanted to play.

Especially Hispanics. I walked by a kids' soccer game and they were shouting very loudly in Spanish. Calm your **** it's a kids' game not the World Cup.

Zimmington 21

24- When I played pop warner football my coach wouldn't play any of the black players. So after practice one day my dad went up to him & said "If you don't play my son tomorrow I bet not ever see you outside this park or inside this park because I'm beatin the shit out of your fat racist ass... bitch. And I mean every word." All the black players got field time & I kinda respected/looked up to my dad for that. Then again that wasn't a ref just a douchebag coach.

Cool story, bro. No, seriously. That's great how your dad stood up to that coach and gave him hell.

As a referee for soccer I can say this is 100% true.. And i only ref through ages 6-10 and the parents are still bad

I ref basketball for 5-6 graders. Its the same story there to; i am ok with parents yelling at me its whatever, they cant make the calls. But one time a group of 3 40+ year old men ganged up on me and threw water bottles and a chair at me after i called a charge not a block like what the hell is going on with these parents these days

beautious19 8

Those soccer moms can be brutal.

Hell yeah they can, I had a mom key my car once because the ball "wasn't out of bounds". I ref micros(4-6 year olds).

Who knows? They may be holding secret bets on the teams or the MVP for the winning team. For all we know, they may have a couple grand on little Timmy to score the winning goal, so it would be no wonder that the parents were ill-tempered.

Bojack_fml 10

Those are the best kind of games!

How? Those are the worst, at least I think so.

CrazyGirlfriend 21

pretty sure it was humor; at least, Im hoping so. lol.

17deanju 2

People need to relax sometimes... It's just a game for God's sake

alex_the_tiger 14

I referee first grade games and if the parents or coaches get too obnoxious I am allowed to send them away from the field

And then we wonder why so many kids act like that.

Parents can get all up in the ref's games, I say just ignore it OP. Refs have an awful job, especially (and this is the worst part) with the overbearing parents of the toddlers.

MichellinMan 20

*Hardcore sports fans in general. There, I fixed it.

I feel bad for the refs cuz they take a lot of shit!!