Going medieval

By hurley - 27/02/2011 10:10 - Australia

Today, I had my friends help me put on a suit of full plate armor for a medieval re-enactment. After the battle, my friends left. I can't get the armor off by myself and will probably have to sleep in it. FML
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If you have to sleep in it and can't get home, go to a hotel and ask them if they have a room for a knight.

I bet every real knight has been in that situation at least once.


I say win. go home order a pizza and when the guy comes to the door open it hastly and say finally help has arrived this dragon is to powerful! then hand him a sword.

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seems like you put in alot of thought for that one…

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Atleast you got your gauntlets off to type this FML.

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I'm laughing my ass off right now xD Y'all commenters are too funny ;D I'd do you all jkjkjk.

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Sometimes, the guy you think is a "Knight In Shining Armor" just winds up being a retard wrapped in tin foil! J/K, I saw this on a t-shirt today, and had to share

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Just call someone and have them come over and help you.

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Fitting picture you have for this post, hahaha

Obvious exits are LEFT, RIGHT, and DENNIS.

Exactly. You can't possibly tell me there are no other people at the re-enactment, on the way home, or at home. There are no other people in the entire universe that could possibly help you for two seconds to undo a couple of things so you can get the rest of the gear off. YDI simply because you can't think of the most basic thing to solve the simplest of problems.

oooo ask for help!! now why didn't they think of that!?

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I bet every real knight has been in that situation at least once.

It happens to Sir Paul McCartney more often than you'd think.

op would have died long ago if these were medieval times

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your gonna have to drop a deuce in it

The amour? You battled with love? You must be hate. I bet you lost.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

38- Au contraire, in French, love is 'amour'. You're thinking in Spanish or some other language, but 8 isn't wrong. You're both right. :)

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and that what you get for trying to be a douch. douch.

Now's your chance to rescue maidens and slay dragons/infidels. I wish I could get some knight armor...

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Awwwh, what a cutie little panduh ^_~

i work at a lot of re-enactments...all you had to do is ask someone for help..and they will help....i have suited up many knights and many more undone when they need help. people are re-enactments are very nice, even if you are an outsider in that group...