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  piinkbunnii  |  1

Favorite is not misspelled, it depends on where you live. Some countries people are taught to use the letter U in some words. Such as favourite, colour, honour.

  Pmm368  |  5

#41 OP didn't spell Favorite wrong. There's a difference between American and British English. In American English, it's "Favorite" and in British English it's "Favourite"

  pokerjedi  |  0

I don't know, I'm American and I believe a majority of our population is ignorant to the rest of the world. just saying. case in point, the doumb ass that corrected the op's spelling.

  Burgessnk  |  0

CAN WE PLEASE, for the love of all that is good in the world;
1) Acknowledge that people in different parts of the world spell things differently.
2) Realise that people also make typos.
3) Read previous post before saying the same thing as dozens of other people.
4) Google first, then post.
5) Accept that there are stupid people everywhere, not just in America and that you can't judge an entire country by Internet user comments anyway.

I have a friend who named her kid Jack Daniel. I died a little on the inside when I found out.

  SWEENEY2712  |  0

56, you are stereotyping all Americans as being stupid which shows that you have no class. I could stoop to your level and say that your people all have fucked up teeth, but I don't, do I?


#91 umm usually don't look at the counrty or what state people are from so stfu and stop trying to act like way cooler than everyone else.. because anyone can do when their behind a computer


burgessnk that's true British people are always like stupid American but guys what theres stupid people all over the world and yes that includes the ever so elusive Great Britian


137- his use of elusive is right. if British people elude a conversation, they escape notice in a conversation.
about the argument: it's all because of Nancy.
OP- FYL hard buddy. who names their kid after a drink??

  alphabravo76  |  0

41 you are a closed minded bigot who fucked up and is now trying to cover for it by exposing your racist tendancies, and is now looking even stupider - not all Americans are stupid, but it's people like you who perpetuate the stereotype, and it's unfair on the rest of the fine American people here (especially Jessie :))

oh, and your photo makes you look like a tryhard faggot

oh, and Australians also spell it colour :)

have a nice day, douche

  goonie85  |  0

192- calling someone a bigot AND a faggot in the same comment is a bit counterproductive. Also, "stupider" is not a word.

Anywho OP, what exactly is in an "Anonymous?"

PS, how do people in the UK pronounce lieutenant?

  n_maher  |  0

Not just English people, Aussie's use u in lots of words too, I just found out today, apparently we spell it, 'realise' instead of 'realize' stupid iPhone teching me to spell wrong for my country :P I found out when my boss was correcting the spelling on my resignation... fail

and is your name Beer? :D

  twirliegirlie  |  0

78- translation: I speak american English not English (being as technicaly it is their language) so all in all yes you were right

your not an english teacher!!!!!!! jk :P

  twirliegirlie  |  0

124- lol sry but my kid would probably be lemonade :P oh and why hasn't anyone caught on 2 this

in soviet Russia you are not named after drink drink is named after you!!!!

  nickiloo22  |  0

I wanted to reply to the post that said "Shirley temple" and had to scroll down a million pages because you idiots are arguing over something as stupid as spelling ! :( BOOO!!!!

  rustic  |  0

awww means he loves you enough to name you after his favorite drink your probably the favorite child also to be named after something so special to him ;) cheer up OP could have been worse

  tweetbaby14  |  17

people shut the fuck up we get it's how fucking Brits, Aussies, and Canadians spell. and proper yea right. every country has a right and wrong way of spelling. at certain places in America it is considered wrong to spell words like realize as realise and color as colour. now fucking end it. also not all Americans are dumb but we are smart enough to go to the dentist when our teeth look messed up...

  totes_sucks  |  0

Wow 350, you claim not all Americans are dumb and then go on to insult the entire UK. Most Americans are smart, so I'm guessing you're the exception that proves the rule? The teeth comment is a little reductive. Maybe you can defend your country without insulting another one?
Also I feel obligated to point out that due to the free dental and orthodontic care which is provided to low income individuals, most people have completely healthy teeth.

  bethyyy6  |  0

Well that's lovely my mum found my. Razors that I haven't used for a month and she thinks I'm still doing it and she's annoying me and now she's thoroughly cleaning my room searching for razors

  DTH  |  0

okay idiots who don't know this, the first dictionary written in the united states (a Webster) had many of it's words' spellings change intentionally because back then (and for some ppl still now) Americans hate British teabag scumbags.

  drbakhonlock  |  18

I would hate to be named after a wrestler but dusty isnt a horrible name especially for a girl. I on the other hand was named after a guy with the surname of Banger. Yea.. I'm serious

By  snonky002  |  1

maybe it was linked to your conception?