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Today, my dog decided to chase a smaller dog for three blocks. When I finally caught up with him, he laid down and refused to go anywhere. I had to carry my 80 pounds Labrador like a baby all the way home. FML
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Congratulations. Your dog has just made you his bitch.


awww poor baby he/she thought they were in trouble. well it might have been but I hate to see a dog cower mine does it all the time and I have never laid a hand on her. I don't know why they do that but it breaks my heart everytime.

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well true. my rottie gets out from time2 time so i usually have to drag her home

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He was depressed cause he didn't catch the smaller dog :(

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I doubt he was cowering. Maybe just being stubborn. Dogs DO get tired and hate being dragged around.

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I'm pretty sure it wouldve have gone back to your house if you started walking away...

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agreed. when I used to have my lab she would come and go as she pleased. labs are smart and most of them can leave the house and still remember how to get back even after they walked a mile away. my boxer is kinda like this dog but the opposite. she won't chase other dogs and she doesn't like going out but after a mile of trying to tug her along I say "Ok let's go home" and she gets up and runs all the way back to the house -.-dam dog. lol hopefully she'll grow out of it she's not even a year old yet so there's still hope.

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The story you described is actually nothing like the dog in the FML.

being that it's a comment to a comment common sense would say she is replying to that comment. in which case the story would make sense. just saying.

Maybe it was a new dog and didn't like the OP. Then they either wouldn't want to follow or they wouldn't know where to go

no my dog would run even farther until he felt like coming back. and he would jump the fence and open the gate and leave at anytime. so walking away from him was useless for me

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lol, my neighbor's really fat pitbul came to our house like 3 months ago and laid on our grass so he had to carry him halfway but eventually he was walking again haha FYL OP.

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your dog was lyk fuuhhkk it carry me , i aint walkin home .. ahaa ur dog is a winner lmfao

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Aww that really sucks:/ happy Easter anyway!

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omg I forgot it was Easter, I'm home alone so it completely shot over my head

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Weird. I was going to post my fml about my dog being loose... and my neighbors dog was loose as well. Easter = escaped dog day?

It could have been worse. It could have killed and then humped the dead dog. Consider yourself lucky.

Just curious, what would your haircut be called? Mullet/Mohawk or Mohawk/mullet is the best guess I could come up with. I've always thought it was cool that other countries tend to get new trends for fashion and hairstyles much earlier than the US. I love seeing the "previews" when traveling. :)

it could always be worse... u could have hair like #8

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Remembering back to marinus' other pictures, his profile picture is not actually him. I don't follow rugby, but I'm assuming the picture is of some famous player.

They made "How to train your dragon" but since there is no dog version... Why didnt you read a training manual?

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the movie ruined the book, that was the funniest book I have ever read

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yeah, like it's really that difficult to train a lab. no book needed, just common sense.

Congratulations. Your dog has just made you his bitch.

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haa, he made you the retriever.