By ericabearr - United States - Nacogdoches
  Today, I realized I need to start hitting the gym, when my boyfriend actually utilized my love handles during sex. FML
ericabearr tells us more :
Yes I am aware that "that's what they're there for." I personally do not want them there. They make me self conscious. I'm choosing to go to the gym on my own and not for my boyfriend. He tells me I'm beautiful regardless of how I feel about myself. Maybe he can fun something new to grab onto though! Haha! Thanks for the comments though y'all! :)
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  \  |  28

They are there, but they're not meant to be used... Just like Nutcracker dolls aren't actually meant for cracking nuts.

  wallandpiece  |  16

I feel bad for her. I'd hate to be in a relationship where I'm constantly worrying about whether or not my behaviour or appearance fits in with my partner's preferences.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Or why there are so many models who look like they could double as a skeleton at a halloween party.
Please don't generalize. There are healthy people of a wide range of sizes.
Just because she has love handles doesn't mean she's unhealthy.

  Obscurix  |  5

"Im so obese, I pant and heave and gasp as i walk up 3 flights of stairs." "I cant run as fast as a 50 year old woman who is in shape." "But Im too lazy to see a problem with that so here I go to get fast food for the 4th time this week." here in America qe may have the option to be obese and not care but that doesnt mean its right or healthy.

  TheDrifter  |  23

It's that bit of fat that builds up on the side of the torso. Most everyone who isn't underweight has at least a bit of fat there and when there's enough, it makes a convenient hold in many sexual positions.


68 got me thinking about what 31 said... And really there's very few positions, besides fellatio positions, where they couldn't be used. I'm going to utilize them more now! Thanks 31!