By Anonymous - 31/03/2009 14:46 - United States

Today, I was at the doctor's office and the doctor asked me "have you been having any intimate relations?" and the first thing that I blurted out was, "you mean with other people?" FML
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"No, 'lefty' doesn't count. If you ever do, use a condom."

Judging by your comment and profile picture, I am just going to assume you are white trash.


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YDI for saying that with no self-control.

LMAO, no, with a ******* animal. Dumbass.

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"No, 'lefty' doesn't count. If you ever do, use a condom."

Same as #4, YDI Off-topic: Stop the damn "first" on every FML. Seriously going to start reporting to get the first comment moderated away. Just getting annoying... /rant

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haha, i would have done the same thing :P