By stdpositivenow - 18/10/2011 14:16 - United States

Today, for our third anniversary, I gave my boyfriend a watch, courtesy of Rolex. He gave me herpes, courtesy of his other girlfriend. FML
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Ironically both of those things are timeless

thebeanishere 8

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas except herpes that shit will follow you.


What a douche! Take the Rolex back and give him a Casio instead!

Sonic_boomerang 5

Or don't give him anything but a breakup unless OP is down with him having another girlfriend?

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He should be given a kick to the balls.

You know what's weird? That all 3 comments above me has animal pictures! Except one who killed the poor piggy to satisfy his fat ass! bastard. K bye!

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Your name is fat girl and your picture is about tacos

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53- Your picture is a fat girl. What's your point?

Damn, 52, the girl in your picture is so fat, she actually has a single chin because it swallowed all the others.

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Lmao 52 privates her profile so we can't see

Well the rolex will eventually break, but herpes is forever...sounds like you got the better gift! FYL

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81- I guess she was the fat girl from the picture... I thought it was just making fun of someone, like my picture does to batman... Nope. Sorry, 52.

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herpes the gift that keeps giving

Screw the watch you should just cut his dick off. He's an asshole

Ironically both of those things are timeless

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3- herpes, the gift that keeps on giving

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I like those butterflies in the background of ur profile pic....

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You gave he a watch. He gave you the gift that keeps on giving. I'd say that you're the winner here.

having herpes is winning? i don't think so

In case you dont know. Every1lovesboners is ALWAYS. ALWAYS. Sarcastic.

SkardeyKat 3

Hey, I thought it was funny. His watch will break someday. Her herpes will be with her forever.

u might want to take that watch back....sorry op 0_o

That sucks. I would say SEXchange it and get a refund but well.... With this kind of present...

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This comment will fall under the category, 'When Puns Go Wrong'.

Noobhat your profile pic looks like Bubbles from Trailer park boys mixed with star wars!

Notimetobleed I've never seen one of your comments that was actually 0 or higher so please go away.

Sad to say neither have I (thumb me down I honestly do not care, I won't ever meet anyone on this sight and dont want too) Buh-bye!

Wow a $7000 watch for your boyfriend. Dang. Try something cheaper next time.

In time, that watch may lose luster, and degenerate in quality. Herpes will stay with you forever!!

hateevryone 14

take that watch back and dump his ass

At least one of you can return your gift.

Yeah, she can't return the herpes because she doesn't have the box it came in.