By dr mamour - France - Paris
Today, during my first day as a medical intern in a new ward, I was performing a rectal exam. My supervisor thought it would be funny to burst into the room and scream, "Who are you?! You don't even work here, you pervert!" FML
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  Pleonasm  |  34

"Greetings, asshole. I have come from my home planet of Uranus to sample many human rectums in a bid to understand how your primitive excretion systems work. Probing complete!"

  mb2_native  |  15

16, why would the patient be ^.^ While getting his rectum fingered in the first place? Unless you like having a finger in your butt, but that's your business.

  TomPusslicker  |  21

I can appreciate the humour in this, but as two said, ya gotta feel bad for the patient...but if it were me, i'd be startled by anyone bursting into the room while im getting my butt examined...i probably wouldnt have even heard what he said...hilarious yet highly unproffesional.

  VIP4life  |  17

52 reminded me of an old joke

The patient was in for a rectal exam,
while bending over he hears the doctor ask in a serious tone
"Can you feel my thumb?"
"Well, here's two more

  yoyoforpeace  |  14

If I was OP I would've dropped everything, looked both ways and ran out of the room. "You'll never catch me alive!" Leaving the supervisor to explain what happened.

  felidsentry  |  17

I would have laughed, too... Then go back into awkward mode as my rectum tightens with laughter.

  trulymickeyj  |  13

53 and 99 calm down 6 was just saying that if it was serious, their being a good person. 6's comment wasn't that big of a deal, it doesn't make them uptight...