By dr mamour - 30/01/2013 21:57 - France - Paris

Today, during my first day as a medical intern in a new ward, I was performing a rectal exam. My supervisor thought it would be funny to burst into the room and scream, "Who are you?! You don't even work here, you pervert!" FML
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"Greetings, asshole. I have come from my home planet of Uranus to sample many human rectums in a bid to understand how your primitive excretion systems work. Probing complete!"

"I'm sorry, Fry, but astronomers renamed Uranus in 2620 to end that stupid joke once and for all.." To #1 *Urectum

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I am so glad you changed your original comment, 1. It made absolutely no sense.

33- Haha. I remember that! "What's it called now?" "Urectum!" I top my hat to you sir, for giving me a good laugh.

Thank you for reminding everyone on my terrible pun. Feel better now?

36- I like how your name relates to the fml. But tipping your hat won't do, you have to give it to me. Nao!

42- Why would a penguin need a top hat? Unless you're planning on a cosplay of "The Penguin" from Batman? :O

the_fuck_is_this 2

>implying this is a real story

CharresBarkrey 15

Feel better for what? I was genuinely saying I appreciate your new comment more than the previous one.

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I love your comments, keep it up:)

Their reaction must have been incredible. 1) ^.^ 2) •_• 3) '~' 4) x.x

16, why would the patient be ^.^ While getting his rectum fingered in the first place? Unless you like having a finger in your butt, but that's your business.

I wouldn't be; "^.^", knowing my rectum was going to be examed in the near future, but that's just my opinion.

Mine would go straight to #4 once I feel the tip and be at #2 even waiting in line. #3 just seems to be questioning his sexuality to me haha

LiterOfCola 16

Who even knows what the **** "^.^" really means?

#2 but what if the patient said "its ok you can finish". Then who would you feel bad for?!?

Jessj958 19

#94, I feel bad for the patient AND the doctor! That's a loss lose situation for everyone pretty much.

#108 The question is would the OP finish?!?

I can appreciate the humour in this, but as two said, ya gotta feel bad for the patient...but if it were me, i'd be startled by anyone bursting into the room while im getting my butt examined...i probably wouldnt have even heard what he said...hilarious yet highly unproffesional.

Op probably did not even know what to say. Hope he said he was joking before the patient did anything. FYL op, but your boss sounds awesome.

Damian95 16

It would've been more awkward for the patient if the doctor added "And how are both your hands on the patient's shoulders?!"

Pretty bad if it still felt like a finger LOL

hey think of it this way, at least he's fun and not a complete ass hat! :D

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He does sound fun.... Next time you two are in the same room stand next to him and scream NOOO don't touch me there, your not my Uncle!!!

52 reminded me of an old joke The patient was in for a rectal exam, while bending over he hears the doctor ask in a serious tone "Can you feel my thumb?" "Yes..." "Well, here's two more

If I was OP I would've dropped everything, looked both ways and ran out of the room. "You'll never catch me alive!" Leaving the supervisor to explain what happened.

This may sound weird, but I love your supervisor's sense of humor, that is a ******* hilarious prank.

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Haha that would of been hilarious, supervisor is funnycunt =]

felidsentry 17

I would have laughed, too... Then go back into awkward mode as my rectum tightens with laughter.

Yeah I mean it was still pretty funny! xD

This must have been more awkward for the guy (or gal) getting probed...

Would have definitely been a awkward pause.

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If it really is that big of a deal, you could always file a complaint. However I think, even though it was embarrassing, it isn't that big of a deal.

im sure even the patient laughed at it, it was a joke, no need to be uptight about it

53 and 99 calm down 6 was just saying that if it was serious, their being a good person. 6's comment wasn't that big of a deal, it doesn't make them uptight...

That's right, there's no need to be anally retentive about such things!

The correct answer is: It's okay I work TSA I'm qualified"

More like "it's ok, I watched a few doctor tv shows in my day"

"What kinds of doctor shows?" "Oh you know... um... like... Doctor Who..."

It's okay, I slept at a holiday in express last night.

That poor patient, i'd have crapped my pants. Which given the nature of the exam could have made things a whole lot more awkward!

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But you wouldn't have been wearing pants. You know what they say: a shit in the hands is worth two in the pants

I can just imagine the horrified look on the patients face.

This would be the perfect time to spank him.... You know so he wont do it again