By Tony - 18/10/2011 15:10 - United States

Today, I woke up to people in the parking lot screaming "everybody wake up". They've been doing this at 7 every morning since I moved in 3 months ago. FML
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Throw eggs at them, brick shaped eggs, made of brick.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

OP you should wake up at six and find somewhere to sit while hiding your paintball gun. Whenever they start yelling take out their happy sacks. Continue each morning. It's not like you will get any sleep either way.


You sound like someone who goes to a special school

Streeet_hayley 6

They clearly have no life considering they get up everyday at 7am just to do that.

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Wow what the **** it got deleted.

Throw eggs at them, brick shaped eggs, made of brick.

I think it's time for the problem solver, *takes out chainsaw* meet my good old friend, Rusty.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

OP you should wake up at six and find somewhere to sit while hiding your paintball gun. Whenever they start yelling take out their happy sacks. Continue each morning. It's not like you will get any sleep either way.

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#30 has the right idea. Condition them to hate it.

Sneak out, find there car cut the breaks, install nitro, make the nitro pressure sensitive on the driver side seat, make popcorn and watch the show.

29 - you forgot to mention to also grab the hockey mask!!!

LiyIa_fml 8

This is one of the reasons why, I'm lucky to be a heavy sleeper. I like 30's idea:) Also, wake up earlier and stalk them to see where they live, then monitor their habbits to figure out when they sleep and aprox when they wake up. Then do the same thing to them, only you should yell and bang pots and pans together. Or just call the cops! :P

devans00 14

I was thinking a good old fashioned dried clay brick. No need to get fancy.

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I prefer using a either a bb gun or an airsoft rifle, with a decent scope and fps. No muzzle flash, keep your lights off and stay hidden. That's if your willing to accept whatever the outcome is.

Open the window, throw water bottles at them, and yell "SHUT THE **** UP BEFORE I CALL THE COPS!" And just continue throwing stuff at them until they leave, if they don't just go right ahead and call the cops.

114, your story would have made sense, except, If OP calls the cops after throwing stuff at people, she is just as easily at fault.

that comment is made of win. "Brick shaped eggs... made of bricks" Lmao.

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Go out there at 6am and tell everyone to wake up, teach those bastards a lesson. You know....if they live there as well.

Op needs 5 hr energy, for a better, more awake morning an no jitters...

Man if I was you I would have walked to them punched then in the face with a good fist and go back to sleep

Solution: call the cops and file a noise comlaint. Also, it took you -3- MONTHS to post an fml about it. Silly nilly, I find this to be a combo. Ydi for doing nothing. Fyl that his happens everyday

boredblonde 17

there's one a gun, and use it.

Because killing someone for waking you up is totally worth raping the rest of your life with a stick. Totally.

boredblonde 17
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we dont joke here >:( jokes? on the internet? i think not! this is serious business

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20 -_- there is nothing funny about murder. That's how my grandmum passed away. -plays the dead meemaw card-

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Gotta get fresh gotta go downstairs Gotta have my bowl gotta have cere- *gun shot* finally!!! We're free from that nightmare!

68-Do you have any idea what you've done?! We don't want a zombie Rebecca Black running around, singing and eating brains.

bizarre_ftw 21

Sure we do! While her mouth is full she can't sing (assuming she could before) and when our brains are gone we can't hear her! It's the perfect solution!!!

bizarre_ftw 21

Or someone could just get her hooked on drugs like the rest of Hollywood. Imagine the songs then!

#77. I'd imagine the songs, but I fear if I did, something horrendous would happen, not sure who it'd happen to, or when, however.

Her new song is not as terrible as Friday. But still not good.

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You should release 7 7...trained to eat them

Is it the same people every morning? If so, you could try reporting them to either your landlord or the police. I'm not entirely sure if it's against some law, but it could be considered disturbing the peace or something. It wouldn't hurt to try reporting them and see what happens.

I was also wondering why the OP didn't report them or do anything else. If someone was waking me up everyday at 7 am for the last 3 months I would wake up at 6 and get them back.

I think that's actually true, during certain hours of the night and early morning loud noise is considered a disturbance of the peace, it just depends on when the designate times are

OP might have tried to report it but certain cities don't file all noise complaints. People I know and a few of their neighbors gotten together to try to register a noise complaint against the trash collecting company that comes every morning around 5am for the company building behind them but the local police said it wasn't illegal and the only thing they could do was ask the people to come at a later time.

I think it has a lot to do with intent. The trash company was performing a service, whereas these people are actively and knowingly disturbing the peace. I think OP has a case against them. Of course OP might be reluctant to contact them for other various reasons... It's beginning to sound a lot like one of "those" neighbourhoods.

"those" neighborhoods? What is that supposed to mean?

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Oh that makes it okay then... We still blame your parents for copulating with a sibling though...

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You really think im serious? Lmao. I get up at likee 7:45 myself for classes when they start at 8. Lol. Goodness, people take a jokee.

she said: haha. I guess that was the funny part.

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KayLee took her pic while ********. That's classy baby!