By WTFFAIL - 03/12/2012 05:06 - Canada - Montreal

Today, while getting a hernia exam, I accidentally ran my fingers through my doctor's hair. FML
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maneater8 7

How do u "accidentally" do that

I am still trying to envision how that happened.


I think you felt a little TOO comfortable...

winnerme123 8

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"Tell your doctor if your erection lasts more than four hours..."

I don't think you need to tell them if it is in their face, but depending on the doctor, you can always ask for help getting rid of it.

You're thinking of "For a good clean feeling, no matter what"

113 that's Orbit, the gum. Orbitz is a travel website.

maneater8 7

How do u "accidentally" do that

indielove 13

Did you then gaze into his eyes?

There was absolutely no reason for threadjacking here, you were number 7. Just make your own comment.

bettykooler 7

I suppose if he went to reach around to point something out and the doctor's head was in the way his hand could skim the top of the doctor's head.

Pretty sure he meant involuntarily, which isn't quite the same thing.

majorjeneral 0

I just want to point out, to the imagination, that not all hernia exams are rectal. OP didn't necessarily have to reach around. The doctor could have been touching his torso. It could have been a painful/tender spot and he reacted. Albeit in a very intimate way.

"My mind is telling me no, but my body, my body is telling me yes". This the only thing that comes to mind about this FML.

I have always gotten checked for hernias under my testicles. so it was probably like that where the doctor was in a possition similar to that of a girl giving a *******. I think most people assumed this because it is just the most understandable as to why OP would run his hand through the doctors hair.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

63- is it wrong that I sang that while I read it?

KBear3109 29

55- I've never heard of a hernia exam done rectally, what doctor do you go to?

majorjeneral 0

I've seen several cases that had rectal examinations done before surgery. They were all umbilical hernias. Also, I was responding to an earlier comment that mentioned reaching around. As a female a "complete" gynecological exam includes a rectal exam.

I am still trying to envision how that happened.

I've been doing that for ten minutes. I got nothing.

I'm trying like crazy to avoid exactly that vision!

RedPillSucks 31

Not sure how docs check hernias. Perhaps they accidentally ended up in her favourite sex position and the muscle memory took over. EDIT: Oh crap! OP is a dude!!! I got nothing.

I'm trying to envision how the doctor reacted did he/she just casually ignore it, or did he/she enjoy it and got more into the exam.

Today, while giving a patient a hernia exam, he ran his fingers through my hair. FML

I'm trying to imagine what was going through your mind at the time but I can't think of anything reasonable that would explain why you ran your fingers through your doctor's hair..... For your sake I hope it was a female doctor...

infaith 5

and if it wasn't? DUN DUN DUUUNN

tbooty2140 4

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45- Um, yeah, it would have been an FML moment

Cover it up by saying there was something in his/her hair and you were trying to take it out. If that doesn't work I would find a new doctor, just so that you don't 'accidentally' stroke something else next time.

Well that's what I call an awkward moment! Just try and play it off as you getting something out of his hair?

Llamassss 21

Maybe you should let everyone know not to read 1 and 6's comments. I just wasted my time reading them when all I had to do was read this one!

Maybe the poster is a she. Everybody knows that people tend to do weird shit in situations they're not used to. So maybe while the doc was touching her abdomen she just, out of reflex, reached out and gave the Doc a friendly pat on the head like she would do with a partner who's going down on her.

MikeonFML 17

Well the Fml has the gender icon for male so it's probably a guy

challan 19

Basic human anatomy lessons are in order here. we don't have this test, hun.

Actually, a hernia occurs when the intestines poke out of the muscle wall that guards the abdomen. Both male and female are capable of a hernia.

MEM0817 18

I lost brain cells reading this ridiculously stupid comment. There's like 14 things wrong with it. I can't even bring my self to spell them all out.

challan 19

83 That's correct, but the doctor doesn't lift our balls and check our taint while telling us to cough. Thanks for playing, try again.

Llamassss 21

94- You've obviously never been checked for a hernia or had no idea what the doctor was doing when they touched your abdomen. To check a female, the doctor simply presses their fingers on their patient's abdomen to check for swelling. Thanks for playing, try again.

strawberrywine22 30

Today, while giving a patient a hernia exam, he ran his fingers through my hair. FML.

If he finds something wrong and tells you that you need to come back many times to check up on it, that's when you get scared.