By brooke - 13/08/2012 04:45 - United States

Today, while out at dinner with my boyfriend, I accidentally ripped out my tampon picking a wedgie. FML
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She could have made up for the embarrassing scene by declaring it was ******* night.

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I'm sorry but that's just revolting. Picking out wedgies and tampons at dinner? What a classy chick...

^^cleveland voice! Well, picking out wedgies are revolting. You try wearing knickers all day, those things can be the most uncomfortable god-forsaken things on the planet. But I agree, the tampon was an extra special surprise.

You really should have excused yourself in the first place if you were going to pick a wedgie!

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So I'm getting thumbed down for saying this is revolting... I'm confused... Do people actually think this is a totally acceptable thing to do at dinner?

Did anybody else get turned on by reading this?

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65, I just, retched a bit, I'm not sure if the more disturbing portion of what must be going on in your mind is the fact it excites you, or that you felt the need to ask people if it excited them....

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Now I will have to keep this very close to mind when on my period.

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You shouldn't have been picking out a wedgie during dinner, then.

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When OP says ripped out, it sounds very painful!

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Your face fits this FML and comment lol

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Agreed. Why wouldn't she just go to the bathroom and fix herself.

What the hell?? That's weird. You must have been digging and pulling super tough to rip out your tampon. OP... That's gross and classless.. At the dinner table though.

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Oh good lord. Just pray he didn't notice, and excuse yourself to the restroom.

She most likely didn't write this FML while still having dinner

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I'm curious then if it was a wedgie to the crotch area. Because I can't see how fixing a wedgie in the back manages to do that.

94- Sometimes the string makes its way into your butt cheeks. Another plausible instance could have been that while she pinched the material together the string got caught amongst the fabric and continued on with the pulling motion. Sorry, if this have you a mental imagine- I had to picture it myself in order to write about it :(

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94 — tampon string is in back, op grabs a section of underwear (with the string unintentionally in her grasp), op yanks on the underwear (and the string) while simultaneously pulling her body away, the tampon is pulled out, op screams, her bf is confused [...] op writes the FML

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It's a pun! Took a little while to sink in, but in the end it delivered. Thumbs up for you, good lady.

Indeed. Not the greatest period in OP's life, I'm sure.

I se what you did there! Haha. Haha. That's punny!

52- your comment is bad, and you should feel bad!

This comment is great ^ ur just jealous

You couldn't excuse yourself to the bathroom? I know some people are comfortable with each other, but honestly. I would be on my best behavior on a date with my girlfriend-no ball scratching or anything.

If it didn't suck, would it be on FML? Thank you for stating the obvious.

Ouch. Sorry OP, bad luck there. Damn tampon strings.