By pantyripper - 24/03/2014 12:39 - Australia - Essendon

Today, I ripped my old, worn underwear while trying to pick a wedgie in public. Half ended up in my hand. FML
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Better question - why is she wearing old, nasty panties?! New underwear may be expensive, but there is no excuse to wear a pair that is falling apart! Wouldn't you rather buy a cheap, unsexy pair than wear old, nasty pairs?

frizz101 22

She never said nasty, and they could be comfortable. Sometimes things rip or tear even when new, like a pair of jeans I bought ripped when I sat down and I haven't even washed them yet.

skyttlz 32

Some of my undies have a bit of a rip in them and I still wear them.

But you don't pull them hard enough to rip a chunk off.

euphoricness 28

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euphoricness 28

Obviously you haven't seen her chewing panties a fan threw on her at one of her tour shows, 21. And why do you have to criticize my grammar? Are you that in need of feeling superior toward others? Lmao

thrAsHeRr9081 16

#77.... You're an idiot. Please stop.

ileenefudge 29

That must've been some wedgie you got there. How did you manage that anyways?

Greenteamextreme 16

I sprained my hand picking a wedgie once.... Somehow these things are possible!

GhettoXmuffin 7

At least it didn't end up in your ass.

It was in her ass. That's what you call a wedgie.

Seems like you were wedged into an awkward situation..

You could say he really ripped one this time. (Dramatically takes off glasses). YEEEEEEAAAAAAA!!!!!

BlueFlatts 20

I spy a name and a gender. Neither of which indicates that OP is a guy.

I think #7 tries to say OP should blame a guy and maybe rough sex for the ripped underwear. But why this CSI reference?

well the name could be seen as a male thing... not sure why but anyways

Perfect excuse to go shopping! Though you probably should have done that quite some time ago.

emirie 21

Instant thong. Usually you have to pay more for thongs, you should be happy!

#53 female clothing logic at work there

It's like how women's shorts are more expensive than pants.

emirie 21

Or torn pants are more expensive than pants that are undamaged.

That's pretty clear tho #71. You need to pay for regular pants production while there's the added cost of having someone tearing them up afterwards. Pretty straight forward

Naturally torn jeans are better than pre-torn jeans any day.

emirie 21

72-I made the point because it's ironic.

Yea. I'm pretty clear on that #79. It wasn't exactly the thickest irony on the web

emirie 21

Huh. If you knew I was making the point because it's ironic, why explain it to me? See why I thought you didn't get it?

don't wear old underwear. new ones, even very cheap, feel way better than something that you've been wearing for ages.