By pantyripper - / Monday 24 March 2014 12:39 / Australia - Essendon
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  imyy  |  20

Better question - why is she wearing old, nasty panties?! New underwear may be expensive, but there is no excuse to wear a pair that is falling apart! Wouldn't you rather buy a cheap, unsexy pair than wear old, nasty pairs?

  frizz101  |  22

She never said nasty, and they could be comfortable. Sometimes things rip or tear even when new, like a pair of jeans I bought ripped when I sat down and I haven't even washed them yet.

By  euphoricness  |  28

Omg if you were at a Miley Cyrus concert, you coulda threw at her! The perfect cover up. But too bad you weren't. :(

Just be glad that moment is over lol

  Lil_Red777  |  21

Really? I might not like her too much but that's just rude and disgusting. Have some class. And get some grammar.

  euphoricness  |  28

Obviously you haven't seen her chewing panties a fan threw on her at one of her tour shows, 21. And why do you have to criticize my grammar? Are you that in need of feeling superior toward others? Lmao

  MortenM  |  17

That's pretty clear tho #71. You need to pay for regular pants production while there's the added cost of having someone tearing them up afterwards.
Pretty straight forward