By :(((( - 27/04/2011 06:54

Today, I was cuddling with my boyfriend and told him how smitten I was with him. He responded by giving me a wedgie. FML
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3, did someone wedgie you so hard your brain stopped working?

I give my gf wedgies all e time. she loves those.


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You say he is wedged inside your heart? Well now you have more wedging. Undo one and keep the other... I've heard wedgies are a rising fashion trend!

3, did someone wedgie you so hard your brain stopped working?

thats great, why don't you explain to me wtf 3's trying to say ?

play on words.. smitten is like.. very much in love. so after she said she was in love (wedged in her heart) he gave her a wedgie. #3 was just tried to be "punny"

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An extra reason you probably have skidmarks.

get a new boyfriend... that one is obviously defective.. lol

I hate when people say "dumb him" and "get a new boyfriend" for every FMLs about boyfriends. -_-

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Let us not forget the classic "divorce him/her!!!" or "YDI because you knew he/she was like that when you married them" or "Cheat on them!" for the married ones. *Palmface*

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why would u dump your boyfriend and get a new one over a wedgie?? I wedgied my boyfriend the otherday. it wasnt an fml moment. more like a sucker! try and get me back moment :)

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I give my gf wedgies all e time. she loves those.

A man with a watch always knows what time it is, a man with two is never quite sure.

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unless that one watch is set wrong or all of them for that matter

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Do you seriously wear two watches? That's the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a while. I don't even wear one watch since I check the time on my phone that automatically updates the time via satellite. Why would you want to bother with setting your watches? I have so many questions for you, watch man.

your questions can also be directed at people who collects paintings. "why bother buying expensive paintings? my iPad can download and display different images and can even be seen in the dark. and they're way more accurate than your paintings!" I like fine timepieces. that's just me.

and no, I do not wear my watches at e same time. on e left is a 9k Panerai and right a 40k Audemars Piguet. their jobs are not to tell time. they display excellent workmanship and look pretty. they just happen to tell e time too. :)

^^ your phone/pc won't let you type "the"?

haha. good point. well. I'm too used to shorting my words when I text. many apologies.

yeah just watch, when it comes time to buy a ring for your future lover, it'll be a ring on sale for $10.95 in American Eagle. =P

hahahaha. that's a good suggestion. I can get another timepiece with the cash I save. hmmmm. ;P

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They are nice watches O.o. it's like when women spend 400$ on a pair of shoes or buy 10 different purses. When it comes down to it you should make your gf a ring. My grandfather taught me how to cut stones. I took the first one I made (correctly) and put it in a setting and gave it to my gf as a gift. She loves it. Women tend to like gifts that are thoughtful or personal because it let's them know that you're thinking about them. Forget the watch haters! People like to have nice things. Deal with it.

at 63: you are a dipshit. who the he'll cares if he wants to wear two watches? chill

That's a sign of affection, in some countries it's also a marriage proposal.

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really? it is so next time my sis gives me a wedgie (dnt ask shes older and much stronger than anyone in my family except my dad)I should say no I dnt wanna marry u

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was it hard enough for you and could he get it out?

o.o what was the purpose of giving you a wedgie?

he was trying to sendher a message to start wearing thongs

Is this his way of saying "you should stop wearing underwear around me... ;)"? God, I hope not.