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By chattyloz - 07/02/2013 12:31 - United Kingdom

Today, I had to unpick a wedgie in the street. I backed against a wall, lifted my skirt and sorted it. I then turned around and caught eye contact with several men in the barbers behind me. Not such a solid wall after all. FML
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I bet you made their day, but seriously you should have waited to unpick that shit. That's not a good look in public.


More importantly, are you hot? I would love to have been one of those men. Thank you, from all menkind, for this wonderful gift. :)

No, she just didn't want any peepers in the restroom.

Blind and grammatically challenged. Tell me, how does one "unpick" a wedgie? Wouldn't that mean the wedgie picked itself and the you re-wedgied yourself?

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Yes, in the exact same way a duck and a horseshoe have the same differences from each other! (What I'm getting at is that the phrase "same difference" doesn't make much sense, since two things that are different wouldn't have different differences...) could you not tell the difference between a window and a wall? Please, get some glasses or an education.

How much education does it take to be able to tell the difference between a wall and a window?

-63 no shit?! I never would've guessed it

How much education does it take to tell he was making a joke?

Couldn't you just wait until you found a restroom?

Honestly wedgies can be uncomfortable and an easy fix. It's just she needed to be a little more covert about it

Yeah #2 but someone will make eye contact with her while she is picking her wedgie out.

Sure I look around me first but when I need to fix it I do. Wedgie's can be super uncomfortable man..

I bet you made their day, but seriously you should have waited to unpick that shit. That's not a good look in public.

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She already had people peeking at her while she was changing her tampon, unfortunately :/

Do you have any idea how uncomfortable that shit can be?

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I normally just shave my head. Now I want to start going to a barber shop.

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Why do you need to lift a skirt to pick a wedgie? Isn't it kind of easy access?

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He means if it's such an easy access, then you wouldn't need to lift the skirt up. Especially with a skirt.

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Depends how long the skirt was. She never said it was a mini skirt.

29 - No kidding. However even if it was a mini skirt, and it wasn't tight, for the split second your hand is up there picking the wedgie more skin would be shown. Unless you stick your hand down from the waistband, which would defeat the purpose of easy access, the skirt will be at least somewhat lifted.

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95 You just gave me naughty visuals. I am not sure if I should tell you to be more careful or give you my phone number.

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If you've got a nice ass, you've created a lot of solidification ;) Shave and a haircut: Two bits. Free show: Free, and priceless ;)

"Shave and a Haircut. . . Two Bits" knock, reminds me of that "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" scene (:

Relax, OP. Most of the guys in barber shops would have welcomed the show. I'm sure if you make a habit of it, you'll acquire several new friends.

...and they will all follow her home. :8

How could you not tell the difference between a wall and a window?

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I believe you meant "To the sweat drop down my balls", 66

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