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Today, while cooking, I managed to burn my finger. I quickly turned the tap on and ran my finger under cold water, but apparently someone had just used the hot tap, because boiling water flooded out onto my nicely scalded finger. FML
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Ahem, scalded* Yes, I did just become one of those people.


Bet it turned a lovely, burning shade of pinky red. Just make sure to hunt down the person who used the tap before you and make them stare at it. Might creep them out, but they'll get the message.

pcentral 17

Out of the frying pan into the fire?

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9 - Get what message? Not to use hot water? Also, sorry to hear about your finger, OP. hope it wasn't too bad. Technically with a serious burn you're NOT supposed to run it under cold water. I believe that can be seriously damaging to the area where the burned part meets the healthy part. I could be wrong, though. Is there a Doc(Bastard) in the house who can confirm this?

expertsmilee 26

47- you're right. It's okay to use warm water but anything cold can damage the skin. Too much temp change. I'm not a doctor just a very experienced burn patient. (I only had serious burns when I was two, but I've burned myself countless times since then) and I also took a health and safety class where we focused on injuries such as burns, scrapes, punctures, etc. So I can confirm that you should always either use warm water or not be a pussy and let the burn pain go away. I've learned that's the easiest least painful idea. :)

I doubt that your tap produces boiling water. Way to exaggeration.

Maybe not boiling... There would be some serious issues there, but you can turn up the pilot light on the water heater high enough that it will make the hot water HOT. As in you stick your hand under it and your skin starts to hurt after two seconds of it. Or if you're crazy enough you can make it way hotter then that.

Wrap your finger in tin foil. It sounds dumb but it actually works, just give it a minute.

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Man, you're not having any luck today,now are you? Better not go outside today... Who know what might happen.

Ahem, scalded* Yes, I did just become one of those people.

pcentral 17

I prefer scolded. It's nice to know I'm not the only oddball who talks to (and tells off) my appendages. *Stop looking at me!*

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What do you mean, YOU people? I will hug you if you get that movie reference.

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She definitely scolded it, shaking her other finger at it, going "Tsk tsk tsk. How DARE you go and burn yourself?!"

Yeah, it's the first thing I wanted to mention, too.

Actually that line is in quite a few movies.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Oh man, I've done that twice... it's like "WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?! D:"

*winces* oh gosh, that's the worst feeling in the world!

So how's your finger? Boiled to the bone ??

That is the kind of things we enjoy seeing Tom the cat suffering, not you :)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I don't know what it says about me personally, but Tom was always my favorite.... xD Anyone else like that?

You must be A) boiling mad B) hot under the collar C) steamed D) burning with anger Please choose one.

Or, in serious pain. Edit: you can spell it like "searious" pain if you want. It's not correct but it adds to the fire.

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That was PUNNY heh heh heh.. No? Ok I'll just go into the corner then...

You can't use "punny" as your joke, someone says that on essentially every pun. Have fun in the corner

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Grammar his good as comment posted he.

But OP if burned finger, why she would go out into hot rain?

Guess I should be paying attention to what I type instead of the food going in my mouth..

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74- Since you're here, care to explain what your comment meant? I mean, explain to care meant what comment?

I meant to say go out and see if it rains hot water.

That happens in my house all the time. No big deal. By the way, cold butter or margarine is one of the best things you can put on on a burn.

Actually it's pretty bad to do. It traps the heat in the wound. This is an old folk's tale and should not be done.

pee on it. it'll be gone in a day. if you dare…

Butter also causes infections, defiantly not the best thing to put on a burn.

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Zinc cream would be the best way to go, in my opinion, as long as the burns not too severe. They also say to

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Rinse it in lukewarm water.* Sorry my kid bumped the post button..

16-you spelled worst wrong. Putting food items on it is just asking for an infection. My mom used to have us put tomatoes on ours. Didn't help much.