By still single - 06/08/2015 01:22 - Brazil - Santa Maria

Today, it was still easier for me to get an engineering PhD than it is to get a girlfriend. FML
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There are lots of guys who would rather have an engineering PHD than their current girlfriend.


If it worked like that I bet there'd be a lot more people trying to get into engineering programs.

Like how Howard built a sex robot on The Big Bang Theory

Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses man. There's someone out there for you.

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Also, at least OP doesn't have to deal with supreme bullshit. First you get the money, then you get power, then you get the woman.

There are lots of guys who would rather have an engineering PHD than their current girlfriend.

Construct a girlfriend to put that degree to use! She'll be just the way you want! Lol

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That PhD is probably a lot more valuable

PhD usually brings money, money can make girls look your way, just choose wisely!!

If a girl is only interested in you because of the money you have.. let me put it this way: Bye, Bitch!

Well I'd rather marry a prosperous and educated man than one who is not.

I know that some women prefer education over other things, I mean I'd rather have a cute educated girlfriend over a hot airheaded model!

I find a thirst for knowledge way more sexy than a thirst for money in a man. I can make my own money, but money doesn't come running to you at the end of the day all excited about the thingymajig they've just created!

Looks are important too. If you're not physically attracted to your spouse, then your relationship will eventually crumble, no matter how much you like their education. But stability helps in a relationship. (Stability can sometimes equal money.)

Write a paper on 69... Will help u in scoring high.

PhD= pretty huge dick, or so I thought.

Once you're wealthy you'll attract tons of women

Well you have an engineering degree, which opens many high paying career paths. When you're rich, the girls will come to you!