By anonymous - 26/01/2013 08:42 - United States - Fairbanks

Today, while babysitting my neighbors' kids, their oldest son used a paint pen on the carpet. The boy blamed me and I got fired. He's only 3 and can barely talk. FML
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Vinchenzo_Flux 8

Weren't you watching him? YDI because that's your job to watch him OP.

Airman1988 9

That boy has a future in politics.


If only they'd of checked his hands for pen I suspect he would of been caught 'red handed' or whatever colour the pen was. It's their loss though, good luck job hunting!

YDI for letting a 3 year old outsmart you.

they'd have* would have*

HowAreYouToday 34

most pathetic thread I've ever seen...

Nah, it won't take long til you read worse. I'd say a week, give or take a couple of days.

#34 the most pathetic thread you have ever read.

Or if the parents had half a brain they would think "Hey, why in the world would our babysitter draw on our carpet with pen. CLEARLY our 3 year old who doesn't know better didn't do it." Then again, you were supposed to be watching.

HowAreYouToday 34

#37, I have seen worse ones... This one's just sad...

tjv3 10

I would have fired you too since he was under your supervision and he painted the carpet

51, You have read worse ones...

Vinchenzo_Flux 8

Weren't you watching him? YDI because that's your job to watch him OP.

When the house is silent there is trouble. I peed in a iced tea container and my mom caught me putting it back. >D

I peed in a trashcan:)

The oldest one was three, and OP might have been busy with the baby. Kids need just few minutes to mess up things. OP can't be blamed here, but should've explained herself. Movies have taught me babysitting as more of a help rather than a job.

Jessj958 19

I agree #2, maybe OP should have been paying a little more attention. But on the other hand, I know from experience it only takes a second for them to get into trouble.

MichellinMan 20

So if any of you have been a babysitter before you'll understand. Kids can do things you'll never know about, or something you can't prevent. For instance, when I was nineteen my neighbor's son hit me in the back of the head with an aluminum baseball bat.

If there was multiple kids and the oldest was three, OP could easily have been feeding a baby or changing its diaper which would mean their hands were full for at least two minutes.

dorworters 9

yeah, they didnt fire you for drawing on the carpet, dumbass. they fired you for failing your ONE job, which they pay you for. How complicated is it, really? To watch a kid, and NOT let him destroy part of the house?

Too bad they didn't have a creepy teddy bear camera... Then they'd know the truth.

Karalela44 15

Ladies an gentelman...zoey 101

StalkerChick 13

But they'd also see OP sneaking a few drinks from the liquor cabinet.

And stealing money.

And perhaps some stuff they can't show the kids

andiw 6

They are creepy!

Airman1988 9

That boy has a future in politics.

I'm sure the parents will believe you over him. Jus tell them calmly your side. Hopefully they know you're more mature than that (and you're probably a better artist than he)

It depends on his parents. They might be the ones who believe their child is a perfect angel and does no wrong.

Or they might recognize that while OP didn't mark the carpet herself, the little boy did it on OP's watch -- and OP was there to watch him.

Your probably got fired for not watching him properly and making sure he didn't get into mischief.

blaming a 3 year old now that low

go sit in the corner and don't come out until you've re-read this fml 5000 times.

Well I was thinking that most likely the babysitter said something to the affect of "No he did it". Also does no one understand sarcasm anymore?

I don't see how that could have been sarcastic in anyway.

44, on the internet people don't "get" sarcasm by default. You're writing TEXT. There's no body langauge and no voice cues to let others now you're being sarcastic. Use "<sarcasm>" tag.

#56, back in the day they used to have something called "books". I hear they used sarcasm there too, and sometimes people even understood it.

65- They also had adjectives and adverbs to describe how a person spoke in them, too. Something you can't really pull off easily in a chat room or posting on a bulletin board like FML unless you're roleplaying to begin with.

65, In case you didn't know it, internet is not a book, because books don reply to your opinions. If you try to convey sarcasm properly, you'll only get "tl;dr" as a reply. And without doing it you'll be misunderstood. Enjoy the 21st century.

1215116a 14

I hate kids like that. I don't know if a three year old should be able to do that without you stopping him, but sounds like a brat.

jujubunni5 9

He's three. He doesn't WANT to get in trouble. Toddlers do things like that not because they're bratty but because they can. The parents should have listened to te baby sitter but don't assume the kid is a brat!

He's only 3, I'm pretty sure he isn't really clear between what's right and wrong. Isn't it a little early to judge him as a brat?...

1215116a 14

Yeah I suppose so, sorry if I judged too fast. I should have considered him being three and all.

IMO, most three-year-old children are brats because they just are brats at that age, so I'm going to deem your use of that word appropriate.

Good girl Julielee

Just saying in the FML you said he blamed you, you didn't say you didn't do it.

"Their oldest son used a paint pen on the carpet"....yeah.

Ya i messed up and I couldn't edit it before I noticed it, my bad!

Captain Backtrack to the rescue!

Stop commenting without reading it -.-

You are to blame, it was your job to make sure he didn't do something stupid as 3-year-olds are prone to do.