By maalmawr - 02/04/2016 05:20 - United States - Dearborn

Today, a friend asked me to help him get rid of a girl who would't stop texting him. It worked perfectly. Now she's texting me nonstop. FML
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Nah. Take a massive shit and send her a picture of it asking what she thinks of it's size/colour.

Well, I hope you didn't tell him to get her to like another guy. But still sucks to be you OP!

How did she manage to get your number out of the whole situation...? Your friend is either a dick and gave it to her or she is crazy.

He probably started texting her directly, as a means to help his friend. Or they could be using Facebook or something similar.

Like #1 said, you can easily block the number or you could just make friends with her?

Bad things sometimes happen to good people.

She is like a virus whoever helps someone with it gets it.

Girls like this need straight honest face to face contact, trust me it's the only way, or restraining order

Change your number or block it or my personal Favourite... Error 7274 All further messages sent to this number will be charged to your account

She's like a real life Staff of the Everscamp.

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Be glad she isn't. There'd be 4 of her otherwise.