By scalmon - 13/05/2011 17:08 - United States

Today, while making love to my wife, I let slip her sister's name. I don't think it would calm her down much if I told the truth: I was actually thinking of an ex girlfriend who shares the same name. FML
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wiggs5 0

what a douche bag you are!

That's pretty fucked up. Try not to think of your ex during sex, she's your ex for a reason!


wiggs5 0

what a douche bag you are!

thesunsetglow_fml 8

At least it wasn't her brother's name (ha)

haha omg that's gotta suck..

I least u didnt say her brothers name that shares the same name as ur room mate:)

i find it ironic you called it "making love."

24 it wasn't that much of a mistake since he was thinking about someone else besides his wife! it's one thing to jerk off while thinking about someone else (which I still don't think is good) but to have SEX with your wife who loves you and you think of someone else??? that's fucking horrible.

um whether it's his girlfriend or wife that's still not good

traze 7

It doesn't make it better if you was thinking about your ex. fucker, it's still fucked up. hope she cut your balls off.

I'd really feel bad for his wife if the e he was thinking about was a guy! :0

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You better make it up to her, or else.. no more Chaca Chaca for you!!

prince122 0


139 it makes him a jerk because this woman is his wife and he's "making love" to her. honestly what kind of fuck head is going to fantasize about an ex and call it making love. I agree with one of the earlier comments. it's one think while you're jerkin off but when you're having sex with your wife? that just fucked

Flutist 3

If you can't commit to her in your mind while having sex then you shouldn't be married to her.

FuniiBunii 0

165 I agree with you, he wasn't suppose to say "making love" cuz he was just fucking her. Making love is different than just fuckin someone .

melissamoshh 0

I wish I could vote "YDI" a thousand times. OP, you're an asswipe.

That's pretty fucked up. Try not to think of your ex during sex, she's your ex for a reason!

her sister was watching thru the window andhe saw her, therefore saying her name out of surprise.

iReadFmlsFml 0

Thanks for the laugh 35 ;)

staceysgenesis16 0

agreed. you should keep that in your head everytime you do it.

Flutist 3

You shouldn't be thinking about anyone else while having sex (unless you are a prostitute). If you are unhappy with your wife then divorce her, don't degrade her by thinking of other people when there is someone else out there who will be more than willing and able to please her while thinking of her. How selfish do you have to be to hurt someone like that?

kingtz 6

179, I hope it hurts when you fall off that high horse of yours.

lulututu 4

179 you are exactly right! Who your married to should be the only person you think of. If you can't handle it dont get married!!

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lulututu 4

I know your not talking to me? Because if you are you are an idiot because I'm already in a great relationship :) and you are probably single.

Flutist 3

I take it the greatest insult you can give the person is "I have someone and you don't." Hate to break it to you, but I do have a great guy. But I was in a relationship with someone who was still in love with his ex and he did something similar to this. He called me by his exes name a couple times before I called him out on it. I began to suspect he still loved her. So I asked him what was up and if he was cheating on me. He said no but he had been talking to her online. I told him he was either with me or with her. I wasn't going to support him and love him while he was emotionally with her and that was it. Now I am with someone I am meant to be with and not wasting my time on some asshole.

if u were my ex, I would think of u will having sex

Riddles66 0

That sucks for her. I would be heart broken if that happened to me.

dropdeadtrollin 0

you mean Twinkie broken?

Riddles66 0

Are you calling me fat? Honey I ain't fat, I just have big tits :D

SwaggerMelon 6

Tell the truth. Honesty is the best policy

addie19 6

yeah, definitely--at least the ex is out of your life(you'll need work on the out of your head part) but her sister will still be around.

cradle6 13

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shut up idiot. karma is a bitch and you deserve to have a girl think about someone else while she's with your stupid ass.

she dosen't need to be mature, he is the idiot thinking about other people during sex.

wow 23, you're mad. over 1 are pathetic.

his wife is probably unattractive, since he has to think of other girls.

I think any woman, secure or insecure, would have trouble with this. Besides that bit, I agree with your comment.

23 is not pathetic. i dislike people who don't show respect to women either.

39 like you have room to talk about someone being unattractive...

Haha 101, i i love that comment. Thumbs up.

raelynb 0

haha I wouldn't get mad if it was an ex but I would if it was my sister I agree with 7 haha

cradle6 13

Wow, I think you guys overreacted or misunderstood me. I don't support what OP did but I'm saying it isn't the end of the world. Can any of you honestly say that you've never thought about an ex during a later relationship? Yes the fact he did it during sex is more severe. But its not necessarily something you can control. What I'm saying is that wife should be mature enough to realize that he obviously once had feelings for this girl, and although this upsets her, that he is with her now (they're married) and to let it go. It doesnt mean he doesnt care about his wife much more than this girl. It was an honest mistake. Anyone who had never thought about an ex after a relationship has never been in a real one. You can't just turn off feelings when the relationship ends.

MuchDance90s 0

Just because you have felt something doesn't make it right nor does it apply to everyone. I have been in a relationship for 12 years and yes, feelings for exes do fade. It's wrong to use another person as a glorified dildo (man) or blow up doll (woman). If you choose to fantasize, that's your choice, but do it ok your own time with your hand! lol

Lol at 101 for thinking that's an actual picture or making comments based off of facts. Also, this comment could've been worded differently I think.

idk I would be pissed off not just because he was thinking of an ex while having sex with me but it would make me wonder if feelings are surfacing or if he and his ex are starting something again. I understand that accidents happen. he better kiss some ass. and the right one

Flutist 3

He owes his wife honesty. I just wonder about his credibility when he thinks its okay to lie to his wife and brush off her feelings. The way he phrased "I didn't think it would calm her down" makes me think he is manipulative and a bit of a coward. He would rather his wife and sister-in-law have a falling out than admit he was fantasizing about another woman. This is all on him. She isn't insecure if she wonders about her husband's faithfulness after something like that. I would be sure my husband was cheating too. I would rather know that he was just being a douche and thinking about another woman than be consoled and believe my husband either likes my sister or is sleeping with her. And if the sister is married it might ruin her marriage too. Better to tell her the truth instead of letting others take the fall for your mistake.

raelynb 0

I think he just had thought about her at the wrong time that's all

AllieApplejuice 6

Having positive memories of an ex is fine, you could even be friends w/ your ex BUT thinking about your ex while having sex w/ someone you have a committed relationship w/ especially someone you're married to is not ok. Total Dbag move.

AllieApplejuice 6

Also, I understand that its hard to forget about ex's but why would you think about them during sex? You should 100% be focused on the person you're having sex w/ if you really care for them & he had to be really into thinking about her to say her name, it deff just wasn't a small thought about her. It's just wrong to think about ex's during sex, period.

Flutist 3

He put the ex in sex :)

outsidehitter7 9

ur most likely single with that dumbass kind of attitude. if u ever get laid...consider how u would feel if ur girlfriend called u some other guys name. I truly doubt it wouldn't bother u at all.

Flutist 3

Who is this directed at?

in reality, your one hell of a deranged person. Since he's sticking his penis all over the place, he should have the balls, to either end the relationship, or tell the truth. So STFU and don't give out illiterate based advice.

Egnar 19

In the end it's probably better to tell the truth - Because either she thinks that you're thinking about an ex-girlfriend, or, that you've slept with her sister. . .Either way it'll probably be awhile before she lets it go, but, it's probably best not to ruin her family ties.

:/ ydi op. I feel bad for your wife though :/ next time try not to think of your ex.

G_thelegend 0

i honestly doubt there'll be a 'next time' for quite a while.

haha don't make him feel bad coz of it... you cant control what pops into your mind

You can however, control what comes out of your mouth.

not when yer having sex though

I beg to differ. Had he been focusing more on his wife and not fantasising about an ex, he would've have done that.

just coz yer in a relationship dont mean that you dont still think bout other gurls ... all guys do it even if they dont admit it

Obviously they think about other girls but not when you're having sex with your wife, i.e. life partner. Even if they are, calling out their name is just cruel, even if it was an accident.

aye but he obvs didnt mean it... its a shame for his wife but the guy made a mistake... fs

I don't think you quite grasp the concept of being a faithful lover. You shouldn't be thinking of other people whilst being intimate, no excuses.

42 - no, clearly my pen is all that i ever think about ... its also all you ever talk about -.- 43 - well ive never been married so a guess a dont really know wat im talking about

gayboii your typing sucks too. I agree with Hannah, you DON'T think about someone else when you're having sex with your partner! masturbating is one thing, but not sex. cause chances are you're all that's on her mind

You're right, evidently you do not know what you're talking about. You also don't have to have to be married to know that he was out of order.

think about it like this... most of the time the person you end up with isnt yer first choice... lets be honest... just take what you can get but if you would rather be with someone else then it aint yer fault

Oh god I hope you don't reproduce. They are married! That's his wife he was wife. You don't marry someone that you aren't truly in love with.

alot of people do..... my is married to the biggest douche EVER.... theres no way anyone could love that guy which proves that you can marry sumone you dont love (:

You can but it's not fair on either of them seeing as they won't be happy.

wats yer point???

I'm sorry but honestly you shouldn't get married unless ur in love but ppl do it all the time why do u think the American divorce rate is at 60% on the other hand if uve been married 20years maby u need a few fantasies to keep it interesting

You are incredibly irritating. My point is that he was wrong and so is your whole argument.

kitties_fml 12

oh, you're 15, too...alrighty then. these comments make a lot more sense now. why am i on this site?

i dont really got an arguement tbh... but i still think im right

kitties_fml 12

the kid's 15, chill

gayboii = lonley virgin respect your women.

well one thing is clear, Hannah totally owned gayboii in that long argument. Hannah-1, gayboii-0

gayboii, why is it that every time you leave a comment you seem to make an even bigger idiot out of yourself? Just stop.

i dont know :o I guess i dont really thick before a say shit

That and you type like a 3 year old. And don't blame it on dyslexia.

gayboii, you should really pay more attention in English class.... it's a mandatory class for a reason

I am sorry. Is this typing godo enough for you?

Ah gayboii, finally a comment that doesn't hurt to read.

AaronTkr 0

I love this conversation :D

wow. this conversation is somethin' else haha

SummerRuby 1

#95 - Fail. Good*

Flutist 3

Gayboii this is the point. When you choose to marry someone, even if they aren't the hot chick you want them to be, you make a promise to be loyal to them. This includes the bedroom. Op might have been the wife's first choice, first love--whatever. She might love him with all her heart and when she is having sex with him she is only thinking of him. To have that trust--that you are his only woman, that he loves you with all his heart--destroyed in such an intimate moment is heartbreaking. We do not know how long they were married or the intensity of the wife's feelings, but if she does love him this will be some nasty stuff to sort through. In her mind, Op is either fantasizing about her sister (which is awkward, would you double dip where your sibling put his stopper?) or sleeping with her. While this is not true, the Op doesn't seem brave enough to point out that he was just trying to spice up the mood or that he is not sexually satisfied by his wife. He would rather she deal with the pain instead of manning up. THAT is the problem, not that he wants a better sex life or chose the lesser of who he wanted. He should have been honest about his feelings and if he is not happy, instead of wasting his wife's life and emotions he should have just said no to the marriage in the first place. If this is a midlife crisis or a one time thing then he should have just told her the truth. He lied and abused her trust, that is the problem.

lulututu 4

Being married is a full commitment to that person in every way possible. Obviously your to immature to understand that.

WitchyArmyWife00 0

whoa there! Too many sentences for Gayboii keep it to one or two otherwise he will get a headache.

Flutist 3

Fine, if you love someone then you want what is best for them. To betray the intimacy of sex and marriage by thinking of someone else just hurts that person. Lying about it so they shut up because you don't want to deal with it is a cheap move.

I was reading this 'discussion' and thought I should point out that you're all just as idiotic for replying to this kid. Especially because arguing in the comments section is pointless, what are you trying to prove? what's the goal?

I honestly don't know how anyone can even think of being attracted to another person than their spouse, so I agree that it needs to be in every way possible that you're committed to them. How is it so hard to be in love with someone? When you're in love with someone, they're perfect to you. You don't need anyone else, you don't WANT anyone else. I know I can't be the only person out there who thinks this...

FreebirdIII 1

And it being her sister is ok? Their mom did teach them to share.

KatrinaKitten 16

Hope you have an understanding wife. Say that you got lost in the moment because the sex was so great :)

Pookiebear0389 2

But he still associated "great sex" with an ex and not his wife. YDI OP

KatrinaKitten 16


oh goodness, real bad idea there.

AaronTkr 0

not a good idea..