By crazycat - 13/05/2011 16:23 - Canada

Today, in the early hours of the morning, my cat started scratching at my legs. I got out of bed and he raced me to the stairs, tripping me. I fell all the way down and landed in cat poop. FML
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Of course, it was all part of his evil plan. No stupid dog could elaborate a plot so brilliant.

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Well, 37, the cat obviously took a dump.


Of course, it was all part of his evil plan. No stupid dog could elaborate a plot so brilliant.

Cats are worthless, and they always will be.

I agree. Except some dogs are actualy really smart..

i dont know why but i always find cats smarter than dogs.

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Dogs are actually smarter than dogs. They can learn different tricks and its hard for cats to do that. But cats are cleaner than dogs.

lulututu 4

I ment dogs are actually smarter than cats. Oops. :)

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Dog would have eatin cat shit at bottom of stairs. (gross we all know) cats are much cleaner.. burry own shit, give oneself a bath, regurgitate a blockage via visceral so cat not die. I love kitties :> someone give me one? :D

-109: you could train a cat also. they are just too stubborn to listen to you. while a dog will do anything to get a treat, a cat will only do what she pleases.

scientiets just recently proved dags to be smarter and dogs are used in was, to find drugs, track people down, and find bed bugs thats better then a cat eating a rat

xD why was my comment moderated? Superstitions I believe.

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No sir, **** you. Black cats are bad luck, so they say. Maybe you should ask him to elaborate more.

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That's what you get for getting a damn cat.

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people it was a joke! Y'all are actting like i'm the chick from 2g1c, no need to thumb this

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You: Oh shit Cat: That's what you get for not letting me out bitch!

I'm not sure if they meant let out to go to the bathroom. I'm pretty sure it was let out to go outside.

I let my cat outside when he needs to poop...

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omg grody is like the best word ever! lol i say it all the time

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Omg really?!? nobody gaf it's a word calm down

That's a smart cat. It was just making sure you saw where the poop was.

hahaha, what a genius cat you have (: I'm not a huge fan of cats though..

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