By Catie - 13/05/2011 18:47 - United States

Today, my husband and I went to the state fair. The entire time, he complained about all the money we were losing because of the high prices of both rides and food. Towards the end of the night, we counted the cash we had left and found we were $50 short. Apparently, it fell out of his pocket. FML
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can't let things slip out of your pocket... That's how I lost my virginity

Egnar 19

Your husband sounds like the kind of person who doesn't know how to let things go and just have fun - I mean, maybe this situation doesn't transpond past this one night but if you're posting it on FML I'm willing to bet you're a bit fed up with him and his overly cheap ways. It's one thing thing to be frugal, I consider myself to be, but it's a complete other thing to be cheap to the point where when going out for a nice time with your significant other you can't look past the expenses [unless they're completely outrageous and out of the norm, though at a Carnival/Faire you kind of expect it to begin with] and let loose. I'm not saying divorce the guy - That's stupid and I'm sure at least a few dozen people are going to give you that suggestion WITHOUT any insight, but, it's worth sitting him down and letting him know that money isn't as important as the time you spend with him.


lol that's great

Ulysses S. Grant apparently hated your pocket. would be wise to take good care I'd the big bills

of the big bills*

or he paid for the one night stand ride

don't be so fckin cheap! ppl like you should not leave your homes.

20- you're white. please refrain from using that word. asshat.

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"...or derogatory towards anyone. Fuck ass" Wanna rephrase that?

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Were you with him the whole time? If not the ydi if you were then fyl

KatrinaKitten 16

How would she notice if his money fell out of his pocket? Just because you are with someone doesn't mean you're watching their every move!

KatrinaKitten 16

She's his wife. She doesn't need to be a stalker?

He was pick pocketed.

staceysgenesis16 0

i dont think it really matters if OP was there or not.

agreed, OP's message was a bit unclear, but you can't be watching someone's butt for hours at a time.

Riddles66 0

I meant that if she was with him she would see him spend it, if she was not then she would be clueless and he could be lying to her, is that simpler?

Boredumm 6

whats the point of going to a fair if your going to follow your husband around?

Riddles66 0

Spending time with your family is not aloud at fairs then?

Boredumm 6

i never said they can't, im saying each person has their own interest and and not all people in the family like to do the same thing.

Boredumm 6

btw i dont get how following someone is spending time with them.

Riddles66 0

I never said that. I'm saying if she was with him she could see if he really did spend that much money. If he didn't then, he lost it. I don't see why people dint understand what i'm trying to say

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can't let things slip out of your pocket... That's how I lost my virginity

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You keep it in your pocket? But how? and to a lesser extent: Why?

just saying, your cat looks just like mine :)

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MrSexyPants 14

Why didn't you just do that, fool?

uncbballwins 0

29- obvious question there. Take a guess

KatrinaKitten 16

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ur fuuunny

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[Insert big dick in 37]

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doltkid 3

it was his and i's hooker money

KatrinaKitten 16

Wow, miser much?

The OP or her husband? Her husband, sure why not, but the OP is understanbly upset over losing 50 clams

oops, understandably*

KatrinaKitten 16

Sorry, I meant the husband. I should have been much more clearer:)

Thats what i figured. I hate how overpriced the fair is, but OPs husband could have at least shut his yap so they could try to have some fun Oh well, some people just enjoy complaining.

KatrinaKitten 16

I personally am bothered by complainers I can't stand any form of negative energy because it brings me down and ruins my day. But, I do get tired of preppy, annoying, happy people at the same time. I guess the only type of people I get are the ones who know when to shut up. I can't stand ignorance. Ohhhh-kay, time to stop rambling. Heh.

Ahh. I hate that. i got my paycheck once and I put it in my wallet and put my Wallet in a gym locker. someone stole $40 cash and all my clothes. school was interesting the rest of the day o.O sorry op :/

KatrinaKitten 16

Wow! I know how you feel. I got my iPhone stolen. They left the case...

omg someone jacked my iPhone and left the case too! what's wrong with people? don't leave me a memory of the phone you jacked from my life.... take it all thief.

At least you didn't have to buy a new case.

xninix_fml 36

This is why I don't take money/valuable things to school.

FreebirdIII 1

How about a wallet, or is that too expensive too.

YDI. He definitely didn't lose that $50, he pocketed it so you wouldn't keep spending all of his hard earned money on junk food and shills. Maybe you should bring your own cash next time you want to waste it and you'll know why he was complaining...

I feel you. females always be cashin a nigga out

gearsmaster 0

in no form or way are you brutal whatsoever.. just stop scenie weenie

Really? And how do you know op didn't need the telling off because she spent all his hard earned money all the time? Ops have their faults too.