By Gabby125 - United States
Today, I got back from a three week trip in the Alaska back-country. I survived climbing fatally steep mountains, white water rafting in a freezing glacier river, and a near bear attack. Despite all that, a badly thrown frisbee managed to split my eyebrow in half. FML
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  BananaSticker  |  0

So... You're mad because you didn't fall off a mountain, freeze to death in a cold river, or get ripped to shreds by a bear?

Yeah, this FML is stupid.
If I managed to survive all those things and then get an injury so small as a cut on my eyebrow, I'd feel pretty damn lucky.

This would only be an FML if the cut got infected and ate all the skin on his face off.

  Baroness542  |  6

I split my eyebrow when I was a little kid, and it scarred. It's really not that bad, after you get the stitches out and it heals up, the scar is hardly noticeable.

Plus, the scar that IS there looks pretty badass.