By Gabby125 - 19/09/2010 02:54 - United States

Today, I got back from a three week trip in the Alaska back-country. I survived climbing fatally steep mountains, white water rafting in a freezing glacier river, and a near bear attack. Despite all that, a badly thrown frisbee managed to split my eyebrow in half. FML
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taconinja1995 0

I think the mountain threw the frisbee, trying to kill you a second time.

3ddie_the_head 0

Sounds like you had a fun trip.


that's sad OP, I guess it's more glorious to be killed by the bear

chuk_norris_fml 0

Haha isn't this a good thing? OP, why on earth would you want a monobrow anyway???

if it was a unibrow that frisbee did u a favor

nobody said he had a unibrow before...

3ddie_the_head 0

Sounds like you had a fun trip.

turtlemansam 6

One time I got hit in the face with a fizzbee. Ohh the stories you can make up with a black eye....

**** man I live in Alaska I do that a lot

"This is a hold up!!" "Oh my god he has a frisbee!!" Hah, Imagination

BananaSticker 0

So... You're mad because you didn't fall off a mountain, freeze to death in a cold river, or get ripped to shreds by a bear? Yeah, this FML is stupid. If I managed to survive all those things and then get an injury so small as a cut on my eyebrow, I'd feel pretty damn lucky. This would only be an FML if the cut got infected and ate all the skin on his face off.

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Aaand lemme guess, u failed the job after hard working if 50 hours and they fired you.

Op you had a great time over the last three weeks and you're whining cuz you got a little cut?

op ur an idiot so u'd rather fallen off the cliff?

KingDingALing 9

18- "This is a hold up!" " Oh my god! That poodle has a gun!'s smoking a cigar to!"

Since when did running away from a bear make you invulnerable to frisbees?

Jessi2487 0

you have failed the test grasshopper. you will forever be weak and a loser.

I get hit in the face by a ball at least once every year. You get used to it after a while. Then it gets fun :D

more like a badly caught frisbee, YDI for being a total baddie

that was a perfectly thrown frisbee u just failed to catch it......

taconinja1995 0

I think the mountain threw the frisbee, trying to kill you a second time.

agree and op lol that's such a fail lol fyl

It may have a scar so that hair doesn't grow there.. price of the wild adventure trip. If anyone asks, tell 'em it's from the bear. ;)

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turtlemansam 6

27 - Come on man, no need to be racist.

No_habla_espanol 11

how's it racist? look at the picturethe face is stretched

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you just read my mind.... haha =) but if anybody asks, op just tell them you got het doing one of those other things. you'll seem cooler.

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I split my eyebrow when I was a little kid, and it scarred. It's really not that bad, after you get the stitches out and it heals up, the scar is hardly noticeable. Plus, the scar that IS there looks pretty badass.

yeah my brother cut his eyebrow when he was about 5 and 13 years later still has a scar there.

I think "fatally steep mountains" is one of the dumbest phrases I have ever heard.

you best be trollin' 14.. a split eyebrow? big deal... I also say suck it up.. this is a stupid FML IMHO. and you are either trolling or you're just dumb..

fmlbrooo 0

Uhm, what does "trollin" mean ? ( x