By Alpha - 17/12/2011 21:18 - Estonia

Today, while I was meditating in my room, I started to hear strange sounds. I was thrilled and thought I was having some sort of profound experience. It turned out my brother had tuned in to South Park out in the living room. FML
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Maybe Cartman was trying to connect with you spiritually.

Screw you guys I'm going home to meditate. Oh wait...


Maybe Cartman was trying to connect with you spiritually.

Wow... Well I guess south park is some what profound

South Park is very profound. It has humor at every level from potty to deeply thoughtful satire on the human condition that would make Jonathan Swift proud.

Didn't know they had southpark in Estonia

I always thought that watching south park was a profound experience.

It's a very high brow show, quite classy

Indeed, I find it to be both spiritually and mentally fulfilling lol

Screw you guys I'm going home to meditate. Oh wait...

too bad someone already posted that same comment..

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Thanks for the quote, don't give a shit though(:

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I accidentally thumbed up your comment, so sorry. If given the chance I would thumb it down five times.

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^I'll thumb it down for you.:)

Why do people think that they're in some magical state while meditating? My dad thinks he can hear angels when he does...

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Because they can be. That's kind of the point of meditation - bringing yourself to another level, a higher state of mind.

Is that before or after eating the magic mushrooms?

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States of mind achieved through sober meditation, and those induced by drugs are two completely different experiences, both amazing in their own right. They are complementary though. Through the use of drugs, you can gain a whole new appreciation of a sober state.

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If he's hearing angels, that's a bad thing. They bring nothing but trouble. Also, uh, yeah. Meditating puts you on a higher psychic level. I talk to my guardians all the time.

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I find it funny how my thumbs up/down keep fluctuating between positive and negative numbers. I suppose people stand divided in their views about this.

64, people like you are annoying to everyone but yourselves and others like you. Believe it or not we dont give a shit about your "guardians" or your "angels" or even your "demons". Sincerely, The Majority of the World

Maybe I'm not trying it right but meditating just makes me relaxed. I dont have revelations or anything...

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You say that now. Try saying that a year from now.

111, no. In a year you will still be psychotic. So don't get your hopes up.

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You sound a bit misguided, 64. Angels can't bring trouble if they don't exist.

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You have fun with your donkey horse thingy worshiping 111 :)

Coming from the satanist.......angels have always been cool to me.

111, i can guarantee that a year from now nothing that i said will have changed and you will still be annoying to pretty much everybody unless you start acting like a normal person, which i hope you do. The world allready has enough of people like you.

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Oh, and what do you contribute except for a bad attitude?

111, can i ask why your satanic? Can i please hear a reason?

Many things that don't exist bring trouble anyway.

Many things that don't exist bring trouble anyway.

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I didn't find this that funny actually...

i might get thumbed down for this but is that a supernatural reference ? if not, sorry for sounding like a weirdo(:

I'm not smart enough to understand this referece :(

South Park is somewhat profound. It addresses current topics and puts a funny twist to things.