By Alpha - Estonia
Today, while I was meditating in my room, I started to hear strange sounds. I was thrilled and thought I was having some sort of profound experience. It turned out my brother had tuned in to South Park out in the living room. FML
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  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

States of mind achieved through sober meditation, and those induced by drugs are two completely different experiences, both amazing in their own right. They are complementary though. Through the use of drugs, you can gain a whole new appreciation of a sober state.

  Shadow_Phantom  |  26

If he's hearing angels, that's a bad thing. They bring nothing but trouble.

Also, uh, yeah. Meditating puts you on a higher psychic level. I talk to my guardians all the time.

  head2133  |  12

64, people like you are annoying to everyone but yourselves and others like you. Believe it or not we dont give a shit about your "guardians" or your "angels" or even your "demons".
The Majority of the World

  head2133  |  12

111, i can guarantee that a year from now nothing that i said will have changed and you will still be annoying to pretty much everybody unless you start acting like a normal person, which i hope you do. The world allready has enough of people like you.