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By Anonymous - 17/11/2010 19:08 - United Kingdom

Today, the highlight of my day was a conversation about Disney, which ranged from Pocahontas lunch boxes to Disneyland Paris. I don't know who was more excited; me, a 20 year-old man, or the 6 year-old girl I was talking to. FML
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What's wrong with being enthusiastic about Disney? Sure, you're a guy, but some girls (myself included) would be thrilled to have a conversation with a guy who knows his stuff about Disney. You've got some major lady-bait going on. Next time, use your knowledge to impress a full-grown lady (rather than a six year old) and you might just have some success.

Flutist 3

I think this is pathetic. One: so what if you know a lot about Disney? It's not any different than knowing all the sports trivia about a team or knowing about cars. If anything, it most likely reflects how you were raised. While it might seem "gay" you most likely brightened a little girl's day and that doesn't seem like an FML to me. Two: The only FML is that you don't have enough balls to say you like something without regretting it later. If you really like DIsney, then own up to it. If you think you have no life then get off the couch, turn off the movies and join a group. There is no excuse to be anti-social unless you are in prison, locked in a basement, or bedridden, unable to get out of your house. But since you had a conversation with a six year old obviously you were out and about. So instead of spending all your energy watching Disney Movies invite people over to watch other movies. The only thing ****** about this is your attitude. You made a little girl happy. Unless you are a pedo, then you should feel proud you made some little girl happy.


I don't understand the point of you coming onto this website, to RACE YOURSELF to get first, or to actually read the FML. If you have nothing better to say rather then "first!", then my suggestion for you to is to get the **** off this website...

haha dude I literally picked up my iPod and was like "oh, cool I'm first." jk but I saw an opportunity and I took it. gtfo

Yeah, but congratulations! Your comment was moderated. What'd you get out of that? I won't argue... I'm happy for you ;] Mint : THANK YOU FOR BEING MY PERSONAL GRAMMAR NAZI (: I noticed the mistake and some other typo right after I entered it in.. :(

oh yeah wizardroxx: no disrespect, but he beginning of that comment made no sense. you don't understand actually reading the fml? sorry just kinda confuzzled

Lmao I'm sorry, I confused myself, but I meant something like ; Ohhh, do you just come on FML just to type "First" or do you actually take the time and READ the FML and write an appropriate comment if you have one, lol.

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I think you're just mad that you didn't get first.

No I'm not mad LOLLL. I got 2 so I'm good :] But it doesn't really matter tbh. Who invited you? Did I ask you if I was mad, sad, hurt? I'm done with this convo, next FML... <_<

dude Disney WORLD is the shit! so is universal and hopefully im going to harrypotter land this summer :DDD

zp5 4

and that's a BAD THING?! I would love to go to Disneyland and see those kid molesting guys dressed up as Disney characters! *GASP!!!* it's goofy!!!! "hey kids how is your day?" "good!" "well come with me and you'll have a better one." O_O

If you're going to correct someone, be sure that you are right, and not the one who's wrong.

Ralely cuz i corecifacte persons lik dis ya kno man?

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I would like to go to Disney land I never went there and I live in California about 1 hour away from Disney land and I'm 17 years old, it's ridiculous.

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this could have gone alot worse if you were horny =]

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lmao that's funny!! xD ^^ nd wizardrox I'm sorry bout ur friend..I know how it is..I recently jus lost a close friend myself..

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all u put was awww.... why cant the other person put first????

Because "Aww" contributes so much more to the comment section than "First" obviously. Imagine how dull this page would be if both of those comments hadn't been left O_O

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Awww don't feel so bad I slept all day woke ate a big mac and did nothing else the rest of the day.....pretty boring and uneventful day for me too....sigh

Aurora - I know :( But nobody lives forever, so I guess he's in a better place.

you should definitely be the mote exited one!

i know right? ive never been to Disney Land or World...does this mean I didnt have a childhood? :(

Flutist 3

I think killing to get to disneyland kills the magic of it.

No it does not. I live here in Cali like 30 minutes away from Disneyland so everyone around here has gone. It always shocks me when someone says they haven't gone. But I understand. There are other things that give you a childhood though, like smores :)

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Disneyland is like a big human trap controlled by a mouse

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I'd kill to NOT go to Disneyland.

I have been to Disney world so many times I lost count. I only live 2 in a half hours away... well 3 hours depending on whose driving but anyway it's fun the first few times but after that it gets boring. I'm dying to go to Universal Studios for The new Harry Potter world they created.

zp5 4

well I don't live in the US so yeah :p but I'd rather go to the one in Europe.

My family has annual tickets to universal so that's and Islands of Adventure are the only parks we go to. I haven't been to Disney World since I was 6; that was 12 years ago. I am one of the biggest Disney freaks ever. I already planned to have my wedding there and go to every Disney park in Orlando for my honeymoon

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This isn't a FML. What's wrong with reliving happy childhood memories?

You need a girlfriend, a hobby, or both. Pez dispensers, pogs, and pokemon seem right up your alley.

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Pocahantas is awesome! This isn't an FML.

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What? My comment got moderated because I said that this shouldn't be an FML due to the awesomeness of Pocahantas?