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Seriously, quit whining. Unless by neighbors you mean you live in one of those semi-detached houses you shouldn't be complaining because you shouldn't even be able to hear them through the two houses and the space between them. But if, on the rare occasion, you can hear them, simply call the cops for continually causing disturbances.

  Nick_1993  |  2

its bad cause they can sing horrible all through the night. isnt that bad? the sound of exactly 43 dying baby whales that ate moldy apples!? i was told by 8 out of 5 dentists that is 85% chance out of -71% the case. most of the time

By  mrahhhhh  |  21

OP, why do you hate Princess Mononoke? :( YDI just for that.

Oh wait, you mean KARAOKE :P .

This is a WIN! Get the fuck over there, act drugged out of your goddamn mind, and try to sing like Plant in Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. That guy's voice gives me the fucking chills every time : ) .