By sarah - 19/10/2011 19:36 - United States

Today, I went to the store to pick up some tampons. After waiting in line for about 10 minutes, the male cashier looked at me when I was leaving and said, "Have a nice... week!" FML
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Haha that's actually really funny you made my....week!!!

Oooo did u say thank you?


Oooo did u say thank you?

I'm sure she did

She.....Better have.....-sadistic trollface for no reason-

You have to at least thank him for his wittiness.

enonymous 8

Why do I never get this when I buy my manpons. I always find the jerks

I don't see why this is a FML he was just being nice

I don't get it

you should have said: oh are you on your's too?

She should have slapped him and said, don't tamper with the tampons!"

X_Codes 11

Of course she didn't... she's buying tampons! :trollface:

Op, don't let things like that bring u down; Just go with the flow ;)

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

OP you should have said "Oh they're not for me, they are for your mom. And they actually aren't for a period, they are fir her to stick up her nose after I f*** her. I don't want to blow her mind completely out of her head. Also, they will last us much longer than a week."

Manpons!!! My new favorite word!

vikkigirlliee 3

I just banged a hott guy I met on

Brice28_fml 10

Sounds like a fun week to me! Enjoy it!!

LiyIa_fml 8

I would have stood outside the window store for hours staring at him....

Can some explain this fml to me. Im naturally challenged.

She was buying tampons for her period. Periods last a week. The end!

Thanks for the information

Are you retarded??? Most girls have their period for a week and the cashier usually says "have a nice day..." but since he saw that she was buying tampons, he said have a nice WEEK. DUH.

Omg 118 you're so smart, sign my tits!

jake1632 9

Shouldve taken off your shirt and been like, "come at me bro!"

Then he would see her boobs

Hmm... I woulda came back at the end of the week with wicked hair, super baggy cloths, no makeup, and a depreesed look on my face, go get something to buy, go to his lane (gotta make sure no one else hears this part) and whisper ;in full detail; about how crappy ofa week you had and full discription of the cramps and bloating... Just to freak him out a little.... Or woulda just said thanks....

allenye818 2

I love buying tampons from male cashiers. You can sometimes see the panic in their face.

Mmmm you have yourself a nice day(:

Generally, the amount of time that a girl is on her period is a week or so.

megan61295 1

Haha nice play on words

Which play on words?

hbbs93 6

I think he was just trying to break the ice considering the situation. He was probably embarrassed. Don't think he was trying to be a dick.

TabacoLover 3


Well that was nice of him

13FTW 9

At least he wasn't bloody rude about it. I'm sure he says that periodically anyway. Not that I'm stalking your name or anything but, I would marry you based off the fact you have a "13" in it.

I wasnt being sarcastic and I'm 16.......

Your name woman,not your age

13FTW 9

When did I say you being sarcastic? I'm never sarcastic, ever. I take everything I say in complete and utter seriousness. I'm slightly offended now. Go get some trident layers from enonymous' candy van.

I'm a regular customer at the candy van!

Wow no need to get all sassy little boy

13FTW 9

You too?! I thought I was the only one. It's legit ya know?

Ooooooooh, it is going down! She just called you little AND sassy!

13FTW 9

Marriage is OFF.

It was never on!

Oh man... The truth is coming out, and these are some LOW blows to 13FTW! I feel your pain man.

Don't feel for him. He started all this

13FTW 9

As long as someone can help me through this hard time, I'll be fine. I guess now is a bad time to admit I cheated on her... 13 times. :D

I don't, I have to remain impartial and call out when people get "told." keep the verbal abuse coming people!

Wow y'all suck some dick

13FTW 9

There's a blow at Dr.DillonReese! What will he say back to such a nasty comment?!

Damn, looks like I suck too. Always blame the therapist....

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Everybody just calm your tits.

64- I don't believe that its a serious argument. At least I was never told it was, because I've been having fun the whole time

This is an a and b conversation so c your way out

MissBunnyWillEat 11

67: Dear dumbass, It's called sarcasm. Also, it was a reference to one of my old comments. As anyone that has seen me lurking around would know. Many apologies for mindfucking you, MissBunny

Wow y'all make me lol, out loud(:

13FTW 9

64, I don't have tits in which to calm. This argument is anything but serious..

MissBunnyWillEat 11

68: Why don't you "c" your way to the private messaging option? Rather than filling up the comments section with irrelevant shit.

Ahhh yes. Sarcasm. Seeing as I don't know the way you approach things, I wouldn't know whether or not you are a sarcastic person. I don't creep on you or your comments... Don't flatter yourself.

Dude just leave.

13FTW 9

You know 69, it's frowned upon to argue with the therapist. He's only here to help my marriage issues. And watch your fucking language!!! There's children around!

omgcookeys 15

71, they make you laugh out loud, out loud?

Damn it. That bunny chick got our happy, fun Jerry Springer moment deleted.

Yeah haven't you ever seen the office? It's a quote from there. Duh!!

13FTW 9

Damn bunnies. The only good ones in this world are playboy. It was fun while it last sir Reese. Tune in to "Dr. Reese" next week for why trident layers is the best!

Y'all are too funny

I wonder what happened to 13FTW...

13FTW 9

I was thinking of the proper way to ask k9luver13 to take me back...

It's not impossible, just ask nicely with some trident layers from the candy van

13FTW 9

Maybe with a little help from enonymous' priest she'd forgive me?

Lets not involve enonymous. I cant see him or his priest helping.

13FTW 9

Then I guess I'm hopeless. Too bad, we were doing so well too. What went wrong?!

So much... So so much...

13FTW 9

Oh.. The last thing I remember is you being "mind fucked" by that bunny thing.

Best fuck of my life...

mikede420 0

Nice pic

Aw baby I forgive you

mikede420 0

Nice pic

I'm the best doctor ever...

Yes you are. You helped rebuild our relationship

13FTW 9

Holy balls, they got removed again! Alan, why do you hate us?):

It's because he's jealous of our love

13FTW 9

I knew you'd come back!

You knew I would ;)

That cashier has an amazing sense of humor. If only more people in this world had that sense of humor.

13FTW 9

Dave, no. You were not part of the history of this fantastic conversation. Therefore you are being shunned. SHUUUUUNNNNN

Dave go away. Me and hooters are trying to embrace each other

13FTW 9

Where'd DrDilllonReese go?

Dude, I never die.

Well how was I suppose to know??!

Because I'm a doctor

Oh reeeeally?

NinaTatianna 9

Nice....yeah.... if only we all could have guy cashiers make it super weird for us while buying tampons.... how nice.

Totally a doctor. That hot doctor ;)

You sure are one hot doctor ;p hahaha I hope 13FTW doesn't see this

Reading this shit makes me want to punch myself in the face. Don't you guys know how to use the PM system?

Listen, guys, the comments section isn't really a big chat room. Add each other on MSN or something and have a big orgy there instead. This shit is kind of weird. And unnatural. Like turning up at a comedy club only to find Dane Cook on stage.

We would have preferred Alan. He's the god of this land.

Alan is a little kitten compared to me. Don't test me. He sleeps half the day, tears up my couch, and vomits hairballs all over my keyboard. It's his revenge after I had him neutered.

Lol sirin I thought you had just removed mine

13FTW 9

Damn, I thought Alan was funny hahah, sorry sirin! Wont happen again.

Spelt Siri wrong

Damn, sirin just proved me wrong. I'm sorry sirin I love you

Haha that's actually really funny you made my....week!!!

I see what you tried to do there...

That was pretty... Weak

KiddNYC1O 20

Douchebagish, 12.

13FTW 9

Is "douchebagish" a word?

No. But I would guess that it is an adjective meaning of or relating to a douche bag.

KiddNYC1O 20

Oh my. Douchebag-ish*? Forgive me, lord...

13FTW 9

He doesn't forgive you.

KiddNYC1O 20

Thanks, champ.

I thought god forgave everybody ;)

Strafeh 9

What's a juggalo???

Well you just used it.. soo obviously it is a word haha.. its makes sense in context haha

scenebarbie123 0

Wtf 182?

Which god are we referring to, exactly? Because most of them are pretty vicious.

marpay 11

182- a crazy ICP fan who dresses like the band.

Darklord53 0

A male prostitute

182- What is a juggalo? A dead body. Well he ain't really dead, but hes like nobody you've ever met before.

Llama_Face89 33

God hates ICP

Same thing happens to me all the time. We must go to the same store, huh?

X030X 0

Reaper Grell sutcliff you have failed.

Have a nice.....year!

Have a nice time in 9 months!

I just would have laughed ;) but then again, PMSing, I would have bitch slapped him... Still not an FML though but funny c:

well that's not that bad.. it could have been worse

Yea he could of said have a nice... MONTH

Yea you could have had bought Vagisil and he would of been like "So that's why my store smells like shit". His comment was not that douchey.

huppypuppy 3

LOL! poor u!

What's the matter? Would you have wanted him to say "have a nice flow" instead?

slushpup9696 12

Woah, a reference to a vintage FML? Damn.

All these vagina jokes are getting old. Period.

You should pull some strings and get that bloody tool removed. From his job, that is.

In that sentence, the word 'flow' has a very negative connotation

Exactly why I hate buying tampons with male cashiers. Once I went and the man asked if I wanted then for "here or to go" :|

Would u like fries with that? Haha sorry I couldn't help myself

rebekahah 7

Comedy like that is just so beautiful. :')