By fart - 27/11/2014 15:13 - United States - Houghton Lake

Today, I farted while asking a girl out to dinner. FML
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Breaking the ice by breaking wind. I'll take notes.


I guess you could say you're... Dirty Dan

Who knows, maybe she is into that kind of thing?

#20 no........just no.....

Honestly, depending on the guy, I'd either find it cute or gross. Or hilarious.

Well I thought I'd never find this comment,brings me relief that not everyone is against this.

Breaking the ice by breaking wind. I'll take notes.

I guess you could say he blew her away!

That's unfortunate. Anyway, everyone farts.

Everybody knows girls don't fart or poop. Jeez.

Don't worry about it, farting is natural. I know I wouldn't mind if a guy farted near me while doing anything.

Um I would totally mind

You're pretty weird.

So is taking a shit but I would rather people do that in the privacy of their own bathroom, tyvm. If you're plagued by nervous farts, take some beano or something similar or give the person a full disclosure if you know this is a serious problem with no solution.

well sorry for trying to be nice lol. anyway, not all people are ok with farting. and yeah I'm weird. thanks for noticing.

IAmzephyr 22

them nervous farts though

How unfortunate, I'm sorry.

More like unfartunate. :p

Did she have a fart attack after? :P

That blows.

MzZombicidal 36

Don't feel bad, OP! If she can't accept that it's natural and happened most likely because of your nerves, than you dodged a bullet! :P

That's how I've always done it

so you can knock her out and adult-nap her?