By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was going to surprise my boyfriend at his family birthday celebration with a $2,000 trip he's always wanted, Ireland. Right before my gift, he had opened his mother's gift, an envelope containing a plane ticket. Guess where it was going? FML
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  kcslgvr  |  11

that's what i was thinking. before you bought the tickets, you should have talked to his family in order to see if you guys could coordinate presents (like someone giving euros, someone giving clothes for the trip, etc.). if you did so, you wouldn't have this problem.

i hope that you can cancel the plans for the trip and get back your money. or better yet, go on the trip as well! good luck!

  harmony88  |  0

My father and I once bought the same type of ping pong balls for each other. We'd just gotten new kittens (5 of them, plus their mother) and they loved ping pong balls, and we loved watching them play. Of course, it wasn't as if we couldn't use both sets and they weren't very expensive.

  diet_otaku  |  0

my thoughts exactly. OP said the mom's envelope only contained one ticket, at least, and there's no mention that she intended to go with him when she bought his ticket. it might kinda suck to spend $2000 on a trip you weren't planning on taking yourself, but at least now you get to spend that time with your boyfriend. :)

  CFR  |  0

I've always wanted to see guy I spoke to who's from there said it sucked. When I asked why he's like "just cuz"....killjoy...

OP I think you should just go with him. You paid for a ticket yourself.

  really_123  |  0

honestly, you people are so damn arrogant. Ireland is a great place. I hate how everyone stereotypes all irish people as drunks. Most of my family lives in Ireland, and half of them are not drinkers, and I know a lot of people that are Irish and are not alcoholics. Yes, of course there are a lot of drinkers in Ireland, but what about the rest of Europe? Germany, England.

  Irish_mess  |  0

Thank you! Im Irish and yes I do drink but Im in no way an alcoholic! I hate the stereotype as well, I can take a joke but when people actually start believing everyones the same as the stereotype it gets annoying (the reason for me seeming so angry in other comments, sorry about that :L)

  valuemeal2  |  1

Yes, everyone drinks a ton in Ireland, but it also has gorgeous scenery. I lived there for a year, and I would never LIVE there again (too much fucking rain), but I would definitely visit.