By jrad - 08/09/2010 19:23 - United States

Today, I went to move my dog that had been napping in the middle of my bed for the last few hours, only to discover that he wasn't napping. He died. FML
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That's so sad. R.I.P. Doggie.

Anyone who votes you deserved it deserves to be castrated and shot in the head. Or hung from a tree. But yeah, that totally sucks :(


at least he died happy? >_>

hopefully he was happy...

ohh god it's Isabella

that's just sad :(

attn everyone: it's me...intoxicunt!!! haha gotcha!!!!

awww how sad :(

dis dick isnt dead

What? Confusion. Maybe... probably not.

awe..... sorry for you loss op! losing a pet is always a terrible experience!

hehe that sucks

Awww pooor dog :/

holy piss you are gorgeous isabella

We just put our dog to sleep, like an hour ago ): I feel your pain OP. goodluck.

that's so sad! ):

 Shoulda had a V8!

Well would you look at that? an actual FML. not one of these bf/gf ones, a REAL one. :) though I'm still sympathetic for the OP :/

I don't think it's normal for dogs to sit in one place for days anyway :|

Awwwwwwwwww!!!!! I'm sorry OP!!!!!!!!! :(

I'm sorry OP but YDI

FYL, not FLY.

aye.... sorry for the dead pet ;3;

that is depressing..

kill yourself. poor dog

 but no more 

OP I'm so sorry for your loss. :( R.I.P doggy

that happened to me in like 3rd grade. :/

106, he said hours, not days. learn to read.

Sry 165, Im sorry for being such a loser and not being able to read, I learned from this experience that I can no longer make a mistake for the rest of my life You are my role model, thank you for enlightening me to such a bliss

I used to have a dog named Rufus but he died :( sorry for your loss

you're welcome 169. I'm glad I could be of service!

good job 196 ;')

It was a good job, my life is changed forever :D

that's so sad. :(

am I the only one that thinks this is funny? anyone? yes?? okay well fyl but damm it's funny to me how u didn't realized it op lol

Who's Isabella?

u r kind of an ass; dont ya think?

Omg R.I.P you poor thing.

It says hours how did you get days

omg that terrible!!!!

yea :( have a funeral? haha(:

No laughing matter >_>

That's so sad. R.I.P. Doggie.

Awh, that is really sad!!

Aww, that is sad...

aww I'm sorry :(

aw that's so sad. I'm so sorry for you. :(

WOW.... that is like seriously fucked Up OP cause I like dogs do stay strong OP I feel your pain of losing a fellow Canine FYL :(

LMAO ur picture haha

112 Yep.. I HATE them so fucking much especially Kobe ugh...

wow I'm so happy i found someone who also can't stand the lakers! yay *web high five*

Don't be jealous bc my team won ;)

Anyone who votes you deserved it deserves to be castrated and shot in the head. Or hung from a tree. But yeah, that totally sucks :(

That's a bit violent, there, 12. I put FYL but maybe those people who put YDI think that the OP should have paid more attention to their sick/dying dog and could have done more to help their dog.

agreed :/ that's harsh !! op didn't fknn deserve tht no one deserves tht pain !! I'm so sorry ):

WTF?? Because someone doesn't agree with you they deserve to be castrated & shot in the head? You are seriously fucked up!!

12 Aint that the truth!

ok I agree that OP didn't deserve it but 12, your taking things a bit far. OP doesn't deserve that pain, I'm sorry

Maybe the dog was just getting old and died of natural causes (old age)?