By ew. - 11/08/2013 13:09 - United States - Titusville

Today, someone told me that my initials really fit my personality. I took it as a strange compliment, until I realized my initials spell "EW". FML
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I suppose you have it a tiny bit better than my friend Brandon Stubbs...


My best friend's initials spell AMO and my sister's is SAY.

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My son's initials also spell arf. I didn't realize until everything was all said and done.

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My initials spell ILL. Its really awesome when teachers see this and joke about it like theyre the first to discover this great find !!!!

may friends name is sunney but hes initials are SAD

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Mine spell "MMO." Maybe I'm destined to be a gamernerd of sorts

my friends initials spell JAB, yet he is a grappler.

Mine spell ACB... But if I ever got one of those initial stickers for my car, I'd have the alphabet on my car, since they put your last initial in the middle =)

My initials spell GC. But on another note, maybe you shouldn't be so gross if you fit your initials? lol Hopefully he was joking and has a dry sense of humour?

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mine spell DJWC ... yup, DJ toilet -.-

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My uncle's initials are PMS and he lives in a house full of women, while my cousin is a university student with the initials CBS. :)

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My initials are PIS. My university email is with my initials. This is an FML...

My friend's initials are BAD but she always follows the rules and she is one of the nicest people I ever met. She writes BAD on everything she owns though aha

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my name is Bobbi Sheppard..

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Some of these initials... We don't give a shit if it doesn't spell anything ironic.

Mine also spell AD... Hey, lets go ride bikes1

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mine are abb and I'm always like LOOK AT MY ABBs

I don't believe you, 110. I'm calling BS on that one.

My uncle's initials are FAG. He makes everyone call him Rick so no one finds out.

I suppose you have it a tiny bit better than my friend Brandon Stubbs...

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Your friend has it better than my friend Bethany Jones


My friend Christopher Ulof-Nathan Tracey has it pretty bad.

My friend Yousef Alan Yacoub likes signing things with ONLY his initials

You can imagine how I, Brooke Pike, felt during the oil spill.

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Well I can tell you it's better than someone having the name Kitty Fiddler.

They have it way better than my classmate Eric Chen

38 43 and 51, I'm sorry but I really don't see anything wrong with those initials.

54: BP, British Petroleum, was responsible for a horribly huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico a couple years ago. Kitty Fiddler doesn't have bad initials, but sounds like Kiddy Fiddler (aka child molester) And Eric Chen, well, he's Chinese. All three are bad.

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My friend's ex-girlfriend Debra Parks never enjoyed it, though.

My good friend had to change his name after highschool... his name was Richard Head.

We're doing initials here not nicknames

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My sister's name is Penny Marie Scott... poor girl.

Just pray that no one has the name Steve William-Anderson Grey

I once had a mule named Alex Steven Sanderson.

I was reffering to his name, lool sorry for the misinterpretation.

Maybe you're middle initial turns it into something less rude... Probably not but maybe.

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OP would know their own middle initial if they had one. Seeing as how they didnt mention it, most likely they dont have one!

Seriously? You're saying they don't have a middle name because they only mentioned their first and last initial? Great logic there.

16, it's not uncommon for people not to have middle names. I don't have one & I know many others that don't either.

I'm sorry OP :( People can be just awful. Try not to take it to heart.


When diplomacy fails, dropkick a bitch. It's what I'd do

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I actually have a friend with those initials...

My boyfriend's are NCC, like from Star Trek